Attorney Savchenko applied for authors “of the letter Poroshenko”

The lawyer Hopes Savchenko mark Feigin appealed to the prankerami Kuznetsov Vladimir (“Vova”) and Alex carpenter (“Lexus”). In early March, they said through lawyer a fake letter in which the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko allegedly asked Savchenko to stop the hunger strike and promised her the post of Minister.

“A statement filed on the prankerami. I will not say where. I’m limited to this information in the public space: the application is submitted,” said Feigin “RIA Novosti”. The lawyer also did not say what, in his opinion, should be brought to responsibility prankerami.

Earlier, counsel stated that, from his point of view, blacksmiths and carpenters should be responsible under article about violation of secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, Telegraph and other communications (article 138 of the criminal code). Interviewed by RIA Novosti lawyers expressed the view that the actions of prankerami there is no crime.