In the centre of Istanbul exploded bomber

In the center of Istanbul explosion occurred, the victims of which, according to preliminary data, two women and one man, reports CNN Turk. At least seven people were injured.

According to the newspaper, the bomb blew a suicide bomber. He was was one of the main pedestrian streets of Istanbul — Istiklal.

Above the town, loitering helicopters, on the scene working of the unit. At the time of preparation of this material, none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

The day before unknown persons opened fire in the centre of Ankara, which killed two people, including a policewoman. The attack occurred Friday morning, March 18, in the Dikmen district of the Turkish capital.

The day before the Turkish government announced the strengthening of security measures in Ankara, Istanbul and across the country after the explosion of a car in Turkey’s capital killed 37 people.