The Berlin public Prosecutor closed the case against the journalist “the First channel”

The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office terminated the investigation in respect of the correspondent “the First channel” Good Ivan, that was started in connection with the release of the story of allegedly kidnapped and raped “the girl Lisa”. As told Deutsche Welle lawyer Martin Lytle, who spoke with a solicitor about the legality of the material, police have not found “sufficient grounds for suspicion in Commission of crime”.

In the order of publication is also the Prosecutor’s response, which notes that in the story Good “just quoted aunt Lisa” about the crime against the girls. In addition, German law enforcement authorities came to the conclusion that in the plot there are no calls for violence against refugees, or statements that all or most migrants commit crimes of a sexual nature.

Prosecutors also found evidence that Good was aware of the inaccuracy of information contained in the story. Lytle announced that he will not be able to appeal a decision due to the fact that is not the injured party. The lawyer argued that the material is Good for inciting ethnic hatred.

The plot, in question, was aired on channel one during the Christmas holidays. It described a 13-year-old girl Lisa from a family of Russian immigrants, who was allegedly kidnapped on the way to school and raped by men with “middle Eastern” appearance with a migrant background. A day later the girl found on the street. Nevertheless, the investigation police in Berlin confirmed information about the kidnapping and the rape, and in Good an investigation was initiated.

The situation with “the disappearance of the girl Lisa” commented the Russian foreign Ministry. “I hope that there will be cases, as with our girl Lisa in Germany. We work with the lawyer of her family. Clearly, the girl completely disappeared voluntarily for 30 hours. We expect that the problems with migrants are not politically correct will be varnished,” — said the Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In response, the foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called statements from Moscow statement interference in the internal Affairs of Germany. He urged not to use the incident “for political propaganda”. The Russian foreign Ministry, these statements did not agree.