The Sunday Times reported London mansion of the son of Vladimir Yakunin

Sunday Times, referring to the British open government data about the property in England and Wales, registered foreign offshore companies, reported that the son of Vladimir Yakunin, Andrei owns a mansion in the area St. Johns wood in North London. The cost of the house is estimated at 35 million pounds.

Describing the mansion, The Sunday Times reported that the house has eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, a cinema and a collection of wines. The house is home to two servants, and apart from documents owned financial Corporation Terphos, registered in the British virgin Islands.

The publication suggests that purchased in 2013 for £ 23 million mansion, is considered by Andrey Yakunin as investment in real estate.

According to the British newspaper, Andrei Yakunin, having a British passport, there is one registered address in Hampstead. We are talking about a house worth about ten million pounds, which is owned by an offshore company Diamondrock, however, the Sunday Times recognizes that it failed to establish the true owner of the house.

The newspaper notes that Vladimir Yakunin is one of the closest associates of President Vladimir Putin, included in the sanctions list of the USA.

To the correspondent the representative of Vladimir Yakunin, reported that the former head of the Railways has no relation to the specified property, which is an investment of his son, and did not participate in its acquisition. “As far as I know, the editors of the Sunday Times had already warned about the legal consequences of a possible spread of any other assumptions on this account”, — he stressed.

The representative of Andrei Yakunin Tom Blackwell in the comments confirmed that the home referred to in article Sunday Times is investment in real estate of Andrey Yakunin.