Elections for three: what ended the attempt of Kazakhstan to update the Parliament

At the early elections of the Parliament of Kazakhstan of the presidential party “Nur Otan” party received more votes than in 2012. The composition of fractions in Parliament will not change: it will work the representatives of the three parties: in addition to the presidential, this is the faction of the Communist people’s party (CPP) and “AK-Jol” from the two exit polls.

Preliminary data

According to a nationwide exit poll conducted by the Kazakhstan Institute for democracy, for the “Nur Otan” party voted 82% of voters, that 1% more than in previous elections, when it was supported by 80.9% of voters. The threshold for entry into Parliament (7%) overcame two more parties — the Communist people’s party of Kazakhstan, which was voted up 7.17% of the voters and the party “AK Zhol”, which received the support of 7,22% of voters. Such results are reported at a briefing by the Institute’s Director Julia Kuchinskaya. According to another exit poll conducted by the Agency “Media Consul”, the party “Nur Otan” received 81,95% of the vote for knpc voted 7,22% of voters, for “AK-Jol” – 7,24%.

Thus, the composition of Parliament would remain unchanged: in the outgoing Parliament convocation were also three of the faction “Nur Otan”, knpc and AK Zhol.
Calling himself the only opposition party NSDP, according to the Institute of democracy, has received 1.21% of votes. Auyl party and Birlik, for the first time participated in the voting, received 2,05% and 0.35% of the vote respectively.

“Update all over Kazakhstan”

The next elections were scheduled in autumn. But in the beginning, the deputies called on the President to vote early, citing the need to form a new Parliament to combat the crisis in the economy. Last year, the national Bank switched to inflation targeting and free floating exchange rate of tenge, in the end, the national currency has been devalued by almost a third.

Voting on the section in Astana, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that the elections are conducted “with the knowledge that is being updated throughout Kazakhstan”, and the new deputies trained and required to overcome the crisis and implement the program “Nurly Zhol”, involving five institutional reforms.

According to the President, Parliament and local authorities may change to 60%, and rightly so, as “the economy should move economists”.

The previous Parliament adopted the laws in order to launch the reform plan, the new membership must monitor their conduct, says political analyst Andrei Chebotaryov, Director of the Kazakhstan research center “Alternative”. It is this, not fatigue society from the same politicians, he explains a major upgrade of the party’s list of presidential party “Nur Otan” (compared with the current composition of the fraction), which is the President’s daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva, now holds the post of Vice-Premier.

The strengthening of the Parliament

The reform plan provides for the political, but in terms of Nazarbayev it’s last place — after economic and institutional. However, at the polling station he again said that the political “changes must be”.

“We can talk about the redistribution of power between the branches: the President, Parliament and government. We think,” said Nazarbayev. But when they will occur, the authorities will decide based on the situation in the world, within the country. However, he urged not to hurry the country on the path to democracy: “This is Asia: we have other relationships — family relationships, other religion, other possibilities between people”.

According to Chebotarev, the President may initiate an initial discussion of constitutional reform the new members of Parliament, can be indicated by the contours, but the implementation will require a long time. He predicted that adopted the reform can only be the next President of the country.

Personnel reserve

In the current Parliament, the three fractions. In elections held according to party lists, with the participation of six parties. For “Nur Otan” on the posters agitates its leader Nazarbayev and the slogan “Unity. Stability. The creation”.

Business party AK Zhol convinces voters that it was “Time to work!”. According to its Chairman Azat Peruashev in the crisis, the authorities began to pay more attention to the business, but not to help, and to fill the budget.

The third parliamentary force, the Communist national party of Kazakhstan (CPPK) during the campaign held one of the most discussed in the media stocks: the tractor crushed the drives with Western movies.

First time participating in the election of the party “Auyl” and “Birlik” encourage people to preserve traditional values: “Auyl” focused on residents of rural areas, and “Birlik” — the defenders of the environment.
All of these contestants and if you criticize the President, his party and the government, that is reserved. The leader of “Birlik” Serik Sultangali during a meeting with reporters pointed to the fact that the party “Nur Otan” party is a big responsibility, and “Birlik” is prepared to help, especially because the President has recently endorsed the old initiative of the party — the revival of the system of professional technical education.

The opposition

Actively criticizes the government only one party elections — the NSDP. “The country’s leadership has built a system irremovable, authoritarian, in fact, the feudal patronage of the authorities”, — stated in the programme. However, according to tchebotarev, the party has no chances to pass in Parliament.

In 2012, the party participated in the parliamentary elections and received the support of 1,68% of the votes. The NSDP calls himself the only opposition party. Although the opinion of the chief editor of the magazine “problems of national strategy” the Russian Institute of strategic researches of Azhdar Kurtov, now in Kazakhstan there are no real opposition parties: “Kazakhstan — a super-presidential Republic. The parties who legally participate in elections — not the opposition, even if their rhetoric they Express their specialness, they play to the audience. The party system of the country resembles the system in the former GDR, where they were leading the party and the satellites”.

Work in Parliament, AK Zhol, or the Communists, according to Kurtov, can be compared with the work itself-called opposition factions in the Russian state Duma on matters of principle they usually vote together with the ruling party.

Overall, the observers of the OSCE, cited by Bloomberg, the campaign was quietly and electoral program differed little in form and content, said in a preliminary report.

The winner is known

According to experts, the presidential “Nur Otan” party will lose public support because of economic difficulties. “According to our data, despite the fact that the refrigerator is emptied, the presidential party’s large enough,” — said Zhanar Dzhandosova, the head of the research center “Sang”. Dzhandosova — the party member of “AK Zhol” and held for party sociological research, the results of which were not disclosed. Not the declining popularity of the party “Nur Otan” she explains wide media support. Although the standard of living and reduced, notes., here and at its center has decreased the number of orders for marketing research.

“Not visible protest activities or support opposition parties. The society is set to stable, people are more concerned about what will happen to the economy, not elections,” Chebotarev says.

In such circumstances, elections have a one question: how many parties will enter Parliament. According to Jandosova, the status quo will continue, including through the use of administrative resources.

As is elected by the Parliament

In the lower chamber 107 deputies: 98 are elected by popular vote on party lists, 9 — elected by the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan headed by Nazarbayev. In the 2012 elections, the turnout was 75%. Presidential Nur Otan party received 80.9% of the vote and won 83 seats in the Parliament. The second result showed that AK Zhol – 7,47% and 8 seats. A third faction formed the Communist of 7.19% and 7 seats.