In the USA announced a global consensus about the “threatening act” of Russia

According to the U.S. assistant Secretary of state Tom Malinowski, in the world there is a broad consensus about Russia’s actions that “threaten world order”. The relevant statements are contained in an interview with assistant Secretary of state, which publishes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Answering the question about why the Pentagon says about Russia as the “biggest threat”, and his speeches are denying that “the U.S. seeks to weaken Russia,” Malinowski said that the existence of “strong and prosperous Russia” in the interests of the whole world. In sloam Russia should recognize the rule of law, respect “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors” and to make “positive contribution” to world Affairs.

“At the moment, however, Russia does not play a similar role in all spheres. In the world there is broad international consensus that some of Russia’s actions in recent years are a threat to the international order. An example of such action is the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. And it’s not just the U.S. position. This approach was enshrined in the resolution of the UN General Assembly, which condemns the occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea”, — said the assistant Secretary.

Senior U.S. officials have repeatedly stated about “threat” from Russia. So, last week, in his speech during the discussion of the defense budget for 2017, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter has put Russia in first place in the list of top five global threats to U.S. security.