Investigators conducted the first interrogations on the case of the sister of Nadezhda Savchenko

A criminal case against the sisters of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko Faith was opened in Grozny in November of last year. Four months later, investigators conducted the first interrogations of witnesses, found out “Kommersant”.

Faith Savchenko is charged with contempt of court. According to investigators, she, being present at the ongoing terrible process against citizens of Ukraine Mykola Karpuk and Stanislaw Cliche, disrupt the court.

As found out “Kommersant”, the Chechen investigators questioned the lawyer Marina Dubrovin, which is located in Grozny Stanislav Cliche insulator. “I and my client, Clich witnessed the altercation between Vera Savchenko and judge Vakhit Ismailov”, — said the publication of Marina Dubrovina.

Advokat Faith Savchenko mark Feigin said “Kommersant” that his client after the court session in Grozny did not appear and has no plans to do that. Feygin explained that he believes it is hopeless.

“She didn’t insult the referee, just muttered something under her breath and got her evicted, but still it brought”, — said the lawyer. In his view, criminal prosecution of Faith Savchenko was launched only in order to deprive her of the opportunity to participate in the process in Grozny. “As a public defender, Ms. Savchenko was able to provide significant support to counsel his countrymen, and the referee decided to stop it,” otmetil Feigin.

The court in Grozny passes over the citizens of Ukraine Nikolay and Stanislav Karpuram Klikom. They are members of prohibited in Russia organizations UNA-UNSO and are accused of fighting on the territory of the Republic, reported earlier, Russia’s Investigative Committee. According to investigators, they entered in the early 1990-ies in the newly established on the territory of Ukraine UNA-UNSO and from December 1994 to January 1995 has taken active part in the clashes with the Armed forces of Russia in Grozny. During the clashes killed at least 30 soldiers and at least 13 soldiers were injured of varying severity.

Vera Savchenko in this process, the status of the public defender.