Obama has called the conditions for lifting the sanctions against Cuba

U.S. President Barack Obama during his first official visit to Cuba held a joint press conference with the head of the island state Raul Castro. Despite the achieved during the visit the agreement, the two leaders did not hide their differences on various issues, according to broadcaster CNN.

One of the Central themes of the press conference was the problem of human rights in Cuba. Obama said that the full restoration of relations between Washington and Havana may, in the case of real progress in this matter. Otherwise, according to Obama, this issue will remain a serious irritant.

According to ABC, one of the Central moments of the press conference was the question of an American journalist of Cuban descent Jim Acosta about the existence of political prisoners in Cuba. The first replied Barack Obama, who said he met people who were subject to unlawful arrest. “This is what I have to say. I personally heard from them about it, and I know what it means to them,” said the American President. “What political prisoners? Give me names, give me the list of political prisoners after the press conference, and will release them immediately,” – said in his turn, Raul Castro.

The Cuban leader, in turn, stated that all positive steps aimed at improving relations between the two countries remain ineffective, since it is still in force maintained a trade embargo of the USA against Cuba. Obama in turn said that “the embargo is about to end”, but never explained when approximately to expect.

In addition Raul Castro during a press conference remarked that the U.S. must return to Cuba the area of the base at Guantanamo, which, according to him, illegally occupied by the United States. In addition, he said that no one in the world meets all international requirements on human rights, stating that medicine in Cuba is better than in the U.S., but women receive a more equitable wage.

Barack Obama – first American President, who visited Cuba in the last 90 years. During his time in Cuba and the United States restored in December 2014 diplomatic relations.