Savchenko’s lawyer accused the court of violating the secrecy of the deliberation room

The lawyer of the Ukrainian pilot Hope Savchenko Nikolai Polozov told journalists that during the announcement of his sentence the defendant was breached of confidentiality.

“During sentencing, the judge gave a folder with a sheet. This violates the secret of the consultative room”, — quotes the words Polozova “RIA Novosti”.

Polozov reminded that Savchenko is not going to file a complaint against the court’s verdict, whatever it was.

Monday, March 21, Donetsk city court began announcing the verdict to the Ukrainian pilot, who is accused of murder in the summer of 2014 in the Donbass two VGTRK journalists and illegal crossing of the Russian border. Itself Savchenko denies all the charges against her.

Day three of the Russian news Agency “RIA Novosti”, TASS and “Interfax” with reference to their correspondents reported that the court had already handed down Savchenko guilty verdict. However later the lawyer Polozov denied this information. He stated that the court had not yet addressed the question of the guilt of his client and stressed that the decision was still pending.

Now in court the break is declared, the verdict will continue on Tuesday at ten in the morning.

In accordance with article 298 of the code of criminal procedure, the sentence shall be resolved by the court in the deliberation room. At the time of sentencing in this room can only be the judges included in the composition of the court on this criminal case. At the end of working hours, and also during the working day, the court may make a break for rest with an exit from the Council room. Judges may not disclose the judgment that took place during the discussion and the sentence, or otherwise disclose the secrecy of judges ‘ deliberations.