The authorities of San Marino was surprised at the reports of supply of cheese to Russia

The Secretary of state for foreign and political Affairs of San Marino Antonella Mularoni denied the information that the Republic will resume the export of cheese and meat products to Russia. This is stated in its statement, published on the website of state television of San Marino RTV.

“I was really surprised to read published in a local newspaper article, which stated that at the economic forum of CIS held in Moscow on 18 March, the question was raised “cheese and sausage products from San-Marino”, — reads the statement of Mularoni.

She stated that the agenda of the forum “was not signing any agreement”.

According to her, to find out what exactly was said on the forum, enough “only to open the Internet and see”. All the focus of the forum was on new forms of cooperation was the emphasis on the banking and financial sector, and investment projects, said Mularoni.

“If the dissemination of distorted and inaccurate news, will serve the Russians a source of new knowledge about San Marino, its traditions, <…> will increase the interest in our country and raise the demand for trips to San Marino within the framework of organized tours to Italy next summer, then I can only be glad,” said the Secretary of state of San Marino.

March 18, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported with reference to the National Association of wholesale-distribution centers (NORC) that Russia will resume deliveries of cheeses and meat products from San Marino. According to the publication, the corresponding agreement the businessmen of the two countries had to sign at the International economic forum of States — participants of the CIS.

Director of NORC Vladimir Lischuk told the newspaper that from San Marino can be supplied products manufactured in Europe that fell under the embargo, particularly hard cheeses, including Parmesan and meat products.

The Rosselkhoznadzor said that they will not allow re-export, placed under embargo products from the EU.