The court recognized Savchenko guilty in the murder of Russian journalists

It is expected that the three judges will read the solution for two days and will call penalties only at the end. Previously, the prosecution requested to sentence Nadezhda Savchenko to 23 years of imprisonment.

Riot police and Cossacks

On the day of the sentence about the court, were introduced increased security measures. Police cordoned off the street where is located the court. The territory patrolled by dozens of police officers, OMON fighters, Cossacks and cynologists with dogs.

Savchenko was taken to the courthouse early in the morning — two hours before the meeting begins. She was brought in a motorcade escorted by cars with flashing lights. Very quickly, under heavy guard it was brought to the courthouse.

Spectators and journalists missed inside after double screening — police searched visitors on the street, bailiffs — the foyer of the court.

To support Savchenko in court came her sister Faith, and also the Ukrainian Consul and spokesman of the President of Ukraine Svetoslav Tsigalko.

Guilt is proven

The sentencing began at 11 o’clock. Almost immediately the three judges announced that Savchenko recognized guilty in the murder of Russian journalists VGTRK employees Igor Anton Voloshin and Igor Kornelyuk.

According to the indictment, Savchenko, the Navigator-operator of helicopter link helicopter squadron, fought in Donbas as part of a battalion “Aydar” in the summer of 2014 during its official release.

According to investigators, on the morning of 17 June, she adjusted mortar fire near the village of Stukalova Balka and handed over to the battalion coordinates of several “civil”, and the Ukrainian military fired from artillery (howitzers). In the end, killed Voloshin and Kornelyuk.

The prosecution argued in court that the motive of her actions was a hatred and enmity to the people of the breakaway Republic.

After that, according to the investigators, Savchenko illegally crossed the Russian border, and was detained in the Voronezh region.

Itself Savchenko, giving evidence to the court, told a different version of events. She admitted that indeed had joined the battalion “Aidar”, but to “help them with their knowledge.” A few months before, in February during the clashes on the Maidan, she provided medical assistance to the victims, claimed the defendant.