The Russian Embassy in London responded to criticism of the FT operation in Syria

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in London, Konstantin Shlykov, the Financial Times sent a letter of reply to an editorial in which the newspaper has criticized a Russian operation in Syria, reports “RIA Novosti”. The article entitled “the Barren victory of Vladimir Putin in the Syrian deadly fields” was published in the March 16, View FT.

According to the diplomat, in “observations on Russian policy in Syria,” FT has ignored that the operation helped to form an International support group Syria (MGPS), launch of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva and to establish a ceasefire in the country. Shlykov noted that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered the questions of the withdrawal of the main part of the troops, and the international community appreciated this move positively.

“It seems that the main flaw of your argument is an unwillingness to recognize the simple fact that the Syrian people are tired of war and yearn for peace. They are ready to reassess the situation, based on the experience of the previous five years, the more that the initial expectations of both sides were destroyed by the Libyan precedent, endorsed by the West,” Shlykov said. The text of the letter was published by the Financial Times.

In the material of the publication refers to two major failures, which, according to the FT, overtook Russia in Syria. “Moscow is withdrawing part of his forces, while the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) still holds a large territory,” the article says. The publication also found that, despite the bombing, the basic balance of power in the country has not changed. “There is no evidence that Moscow’s actions helped to restore long-term stability in Syria,” concluded the FT.

Vladimir Putin announced the reduction of forces in Syria on March 14. He stressed that the Ministry of defence put before the tasks were generally fulfilled. The head of state said that the Russian base at the airport and Hamim in Tartus will continue to operate. March 18, the official representative of the Central command of the armed forces of the USA Colonel Patrick Ryder said that Russia has withdrawn most of its strike aircraft. In this case the Russian General staff stressed that the Syrian planes continue to strike blows to positions of Islamists.