Crediting Le Pen Russian Bank has imposed restrictions on withdrawal of deposits

The first Czech-Russian Bank (FCRB) has imposed restrictions on the issuance of deposits to withdraw funds from a Deposit in the amount of 100 thousand rubles in the same day, over this amount — on the record, said the employee of the call center of the Bank.

“Bases the order on the day the Bank issues only 100 thousand rubles, now orders are only accepted on March 29,” said a Bank employee. He also noted that the office of the Bank at Brest experiencing technical difficulties, because of which the issuance of the deposits, there is not to get paid customers can only in the office on the street Lobachevsky.

The Bank already has problems with carrying out of client payments, said Treasurer of the Bank, the FCRB worked with in the interbank market.

In early March, the Czech national Bank announced the introduction of restrictions on the activities of the European Russian Bank (ERB) — the Czech subsidiary of the Russian FCRB. The Bank was forbidden to provide loans and place deposits and buy the assets, except with zero risk and “necessary for normal functioning Bank”.

The FCRB is known that lends to the French national Front headed marine Le Pen. Natsfronta at the end of 2014 agreed with the First Czech-Russian Bank on a loan of €9 million after Le Pen said that French banks are reluctant to lend her party. As a result, the Natsfronta was forced to go to other countries.

First Czech-Russian Bank is the 119-th place by assets on the 1st of March the volume of deposits of individuals amounted to 22.5 billion rubles. the Bank was established in 1996 on the initiative of the Czech government. Now the sole owner of the holding is a Russian businessman Roman Popov, who, according to “Vedomosti”, worked as the Deputy head of the financial Department of the Corporation Stroytransgaz.