Miko-Bank stopped serving clients

Miko-Bank for the second week not serving customers, said the operator of the call center credit organization. “While suspended services for individuals and legal entities, we may be revocation of license. We have already the second week of waiting,” said the operator. On the question of whether the Bank is looking of investor, it is difficult to answer.

March 1, Miko-Bank on its website said that the banking supervision Committee decided to prohibit the Bank to attract deposits funds from private individuals and companies.

Miko-Bank — a small Bank based in Moscow that is, according to Banks.ru, 381-in assets (3.9 billion rubles). A credit institution is engaged in lending to corporate clients and individuals. The beneficiaries — the group of individuals, among them Ksenia Nemchinova (9.7 per cent), Rasul Mamaev (9,80%), Olga Vasina (8,86%), Bukhara Alexander (8,63%), Andrey Vasiliev (of 8.82%), Maria Teterina (8,86%), and others. According to the data Banks.Roux on March 1, deposits in the Bank amount to 15% (587 million rubles) legal entities — 20% (811 million rubles), funds from interbank — 0% issued bonds – 0.2 per cent (7.2 million USD).

On 18 March the Bank of Russia revoked the license of the Moscow StarBank.

StarBank conducted high-risk lending policies and create adequate accepted risks provisions for possible losses on loans, stated in a press release of the regulator. In this case the credit institution does not obey the instructions of Supervisory authority about the imposition of restrictions on the exercise of certain operations, directed on protection of interests of depositors of the Bank, said the Central Bank.