Only half of the applicants were able to transfer your pension to NPF

Pension Fund of Russia has approved of 7.58 million statements of citizens about transfer of pension reforms, said in the official statement. Only by the end of 2015 at the FIU took 13.4 million applications, approved only 56.5% of them.

Of 4.09 million people transferred their pension savings from the PFR to non-state funds (54%); 3,14 million from one private Foundation to another (41%), 201.2 thousand people chose another management company (3%), and 149,1 thousand people returned from NPF to the state Fund (2%).

As a result, in 33 non-state pension Fund, are included in the guarantee system of pension savings, will be transferred to 259 billion rubles, reported to the FIU.

The pension Fund refused 5.8 million citizens into transferring their pension savings. The message identifies five reasons why it happened. If a person for a year has managed to write several statements, the FIU has approved only the latter. For this reason, the RPF rejected the statements of 2.46 million (42%). If the person wrote a statement about the transition in NPF, which is not entered into system of guaranteeing pension accumulation: for this reason was refused 1.3 million people. Another 1.1 million applications FIU wrapped due to the fact that at the time of his writing the Central Bank revoked the license of the selected APF. Due to the fact that the statement is not the correct Fund from which it was necessary to take away accumulation, FIU culled 410 thousand applications. The authors of another 400 thousand applications tried to translate their savings in the Fund, which and so were their facilities.

Earlier, having been refused, the citizen can re-apply next year. However, this year the insured will face difficulties: under the law, from 2016 those who have not made a choice in favor of a funded system, has lost the right to future pension accumulation. They still can transfer the accumulated funds in the management of pension funds, but new contributions are deducted in the funded system will not.

Under current law, citizens younger than 1967 year of birth must have been before the end of 2015 to decide how they will shape your retirement. Those wishing to save for retirement had to write the statement for transition in PPF or stay in FIU, but to indicate that 6% of their contributions they are going to accumulate. Those who are not informed of their intentions, have lost the right to pension in the future, and 22% of the deductions will be for them to go into the distribution system.

At the end of 2015 private pension funds registered high demand from citizens for transfer of savings. For example, the largest savings Fund — NPF of Sberbank — the number of applications from citizens has increased one and a half times in the last week of 2015. According to the official representative of “KIT Finance NPF” Elena Yamshikova, in December the number of hits on the Foundation’s website has tripled, and the number of appeals to call-center — five times.