Pamfilova has offered to provide food aid to the Russians

Targeted food assistance

Commissioner for human rights Elena Pamfilova Tuesday, March 22, met with President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the representative of the press service of the Commissioner. Pamfilova Putin presented his annual report on the state of human rights.

This is the last report Pamfilova at the post of the Commissioner on March 18, she submitted to the state Duma a statement on early termination of powers on a post of the Ombudsman. It was formerly included in the composition of the CEC, therefore, is forced to leave the post of Commissioner for human rights

In his report, particularly Pamfilova drew attention to the consequences of the economic crisis — increasing socio-economic gap between urban and rural areas, unequal distribution of income across regions, but also draws attention to the problem of food security in the growing number of fake and lower quality products.

According to Pamfilova, in such conditions it is necessary to establish a system of targeted food aid to the needy, and bring to the proper level organization of state quality control of food, drinking water and medicines.

Social and housing rights more important than human rights

A separate Chapter in the report devoted to so-called human rights map of Russia, which was compiled on the basis of a specifically commissioned by the Commissioner of sociological poll of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM)

Despite the worsening economic situation in the country during the crisis, more than half of the citizens continue to believe that the situation with human rights in Russia over the last few years has not changed. And the inhabitants of large Russian cities have expressed a positive opinion on compliance with human rights.

This is due to better living conditions, availability of jobs compared to sparsely populated and rural areas, the experts found out Thomas.

According to the report, there is a direct correlation between socio-economic status of citizens and their perception of the situation with human rights in the country. So, freedom of Assembly and demonstration, the right to participate in the governance of society and government less relevant than social, employment and housing rights.

For residents of Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous areas, Khabarovsk territory, the Volgograd, the Voronezh, Lipetsk, Orel, Sverdlovsk regions, as well as survey respondents from the Chuvash Republic, the republics of Mari El, the Altai and social and labour rights are the most important. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, heads the group of regions most concerned about rights concerning health care and education, housing and wages, and social security.

The most important for Russian citizens is entitled to free medical care. In 2014, talked about this 66% of respondents, and in 2015 — 74%.