Sevastopol deputies have sent in resignation Chaly

On Tuesday at session of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol deputies approved the draft resolution on the resignation of Alexei Chaly to the post of speaker of the regional Parliament. The draft resolution was supported by 22 deputies from 24. Live from the meeting was led by Sevastopol’s “people’s channel”.

The adoption of a resolution requires a minimum of 13 votes. The acting President of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol will be appointed Vice-Chairman Catherine Altybaeva.

Deputy Victor Posmitny, commenting on the draft resolution, said that the decision of the Chairman is adamant because “it’s his will”.

A draft resolution last week was made by Chaly. His intention to resign Chaly said on December 28. He explained the decision unsatisfactory work of the Executive authorities of the region and called upon to leave his post of Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo.