Summer rates “Victory” was closer to the price of normal airlines

Summer rates “Victory” was closer to the price of normal airlines

Expensive resorts

The cost of tickets of airline “Victory” in the summer of 2016 at popular destinations close to cost of tickets for classic airlines from flight search service Aviasales, prepared at the request . Analytics Aviasales compared on site service minimum fares, as of March 18, not including the fee for the baggage allowance (except for Aeroflot, as the company has no babahanova rate). Analyzed ticket prices routes and stay in two weeks.

According to Aviasales, the average cost of tickets “Victory” from Moscow to Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, June—August is 13.6 thousand rubles, the same price at UΤair, and the average price of flights “Ural airlines” and “Aeroflot” — to 14.4 and 15.2 thousand rubles. thousand rubles. respectively. Tickets are S7 to Anapa and Sochi (the company does not fly to Noumea) are an average of 13,7 thousand rbl., “Victory”, the average price in these two areas is 12.5 thousand rubles.

What to pay separately

The cost of tickets “Victory” included the transportation of 10 kg of Luggage in the cargo hold, for exceeding the limit, the passenger needs to pay 1.5–2.5 thousand rubles to one side. Hand Luggage — backpacks, bags, boxes, beach and sport bags is also charged separately. Depending on the weight for baggage in the cabin the passenger will need to pay from 999 rbl. to 1,8 thousand rbl. in one party. That is, an initial ticket price of “Victory” may rise to a maximum of 8.5 thousand rubles.

Sometimes the tickets of “Victory” even more expensive than classic airlines. For example, in August the flight to Noumea and back, according to Aviasales, UΤair is 14,9 thousand rbl., and “Victory” — 18,8 thousand roubles, that is 20% more expensive. About the same difference in price of tickets to Anapa.

Estimated online booking service OneTwoTrip, the average cost of tickets “Victory” in the same direction and in the same period is 11.8 thousand rubles. against 13.5 thousand rubles traditional carriers. OneTwoTrip has analyzed the minimum cost of the airline tickets 101 in the last 15 days of each summer month, and take into account the “direct” price “Victories” listed on the airline’s website — hence the difference with the data Aviasales. In the whole of Russia (without Saint Petersburg is there tickets available only until may), tickets “Victory” for the coming summer are on average 9.6 thousand rubles as compared to 11.4 million in scheduled airlines, estimated OneTwoTrip.

The average cost of flights “Victory” according to some foreign destinations also more expensive than the competition. According to Aviasales, low cost airline tickets to Larnaca and back for two weeks in June—August are an average of 22,9 thousand rubles S7 and Ural airlines — and 22.8 21.4 thousand thousand rubles, respectively. To Munich and back with the “Victory” you can fly over 14.8 thousand rubles as compared to 14.6 thousand rubles S7.

Buy in advance

The average rates of “Victory” is lower on 20-25% than the classical companies, says an airline representative. He explains that “Victory” uses a dynamic system of tariff setting, which depends on many facts: seasonality, demand, depth of sale, etc. “To the one who wants to save money, you need to choose the “bare” rate, paying the minimum set of services,” he advises. The pricing of “Victory” is not unique, foreign low-cost airlines apply similar pricing policy, says development Director, OneTwoTrip Arkady Guinness.

According to Russia’s “Victory” almost always offers the best price, agrees the PR Director Aviasales Janis Dzenis. But for the last year and a half of “Victory” the difference in price with competitors decreased significantly. Assessment OneTwoTrip, now the price of “Victory” on average 16% lower than traditional airlines to the same destinations (except St. Petersburg), while immediately after the start of operation of low cost airline in the spring of 2015, the difference was 35-45%, says Arkady Guinness. “If we consider a minimum price of “Victory”, the difference could reach 2.5–3 times”, — he added.

According to the head of analytical service of Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleeva, the prices of tickets “Victory” converging with conventional airlines, because traditional carriers are lowering prices due to competition with low-cost airline. “The blurring of boundaries between regular airlines and low-cost airlines is the world trend of the last few years,” agrees Guinness.

Classic airlines forces lower prices the advent of budget airlines, I agree Guinness and Dmitry Gavanski from Skyscanner. According to him, this is done by using flexible tariffs and bezbashennyh. So are S7, Ural airlines and UTair. For example, in the spring of 2015, when “Victory” came to Astrakhan, have regular airlines in average minimum price for a ticket Moscow — Astrakhan was 3.6–3.7 thousand rubles “Victory” in Astrakhan on the “start” minimum price was 999 RUB. by the autumn of the cost of scheduled flights dropped to 3 thousand rubles., and in December with the introduction of bezbashennyh of tariffs up to 1.5–2 thousand rubles., says Guinness. He estimated that from December 2015 the average price of tickets on domestic routes decreased by 25-30%.

The “Victory”, in turn, opportunities to reduce ticket prices inside the country not much, because in Russia is not well developed network of regional airports, says Dzenis. In addition, relatively expensive tickets for the summer should compensate for cheap tickets during the low season, he said.