Sweden has asked the EU to block the import of live lobsters from USA

The Swedish government officially asked the European Union with a proposal to block the import of live American lobster, writes newspaper the Local. A ban is needed, according to Stockholm to prevent the risk of infection own species of lobster.

“The American lobster carries disease and parasites that can spread on the European lobster, which can cause extremely high mortality rate”, — quotes the edition of the Minister of environment ACS Romson.

She explained that the negative genetic effects from interbreeding of these two species may endanger the survival of the European lobster. “Sweden has formally requested American lobster in the EU list as invading alien species. This means a ban on imports of U.S. live lobsters at the EU level”, — said the Minister.

In recent years, said Roman, more than 30 American lobsters have been discovered off the West coast of Sweden.