The court sentenced Nadezhda Savchenko to 22 years

Their decision the three judges gave two days. “The correction of the defendant is impossible without isolation from society”, — summed up the judges, nominating one of the most severe penalties. Russian law forbids women to sentence to life imprisonment.

In the sentence the court has taken everything into account one year and eight months, which Savchenko has been detained. Also according to the decision of the court of Savchenko will have to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

Shortly before the end of the verdict, the court declared a break, as Savchenko began loudly to sing in the Ukrainian language in the cage for defendants.

“He mutters under his breath, I don’t understand what he’s saying,” said Savchenko during the break. “I, thank God, is not going to appeal, but there [in the sentence] the LNP for the lapsus, lapsus on the blooper! So listen, — Savchenko spoke with supporters. — I am a soldier! Now I will say, don’t respect the court Savchenko, for that respect you! It would for that”.

Ukrainian army began to sing the moment when the judge declared that it recognized its guilty of murder of Russian journalists. Then it became known that Savchenko will be sentenced to real imprisonment. “Not is it possible to fix Savchenko isolation from outside society,” the judge said.

The expected solution

What the verdict of the indictment, three of the Federal Agency gave in the first minutes after the beginning of the meeting on Monday. They are indicated with reference to the court that Savchenko was found guilty in the murders of Russian journalists and it is confirmed by the case materials. But her lawyer Nikolai Polozov called on journalists not to jump to conclusions and wait until all will be announced the verdict.

On the first day of sentencing, Savchenko looked cheerful. She did not rise at the sight of the judges, as the law requires. Then I started to go to the iron cage for defendants, whispering with his lawyers and to pose for cameras.

The courtroom, the courthouse and surrounding area was guarded by reinforced police with dogs, Riot police and Cossacks. On duty ambulance and fire truck.

To support Savchenko in court came her sister Faith, and also the Ukrainian Consul and spokesman of the President of Ukraine Svetoslav Tsigalko.

Grey cardinal battalion

In the verdict the court indicated that the fault Savchenko confirmed by witness statements, forensic examinations, and even testimony itself Savchenko, who admitted that was the “Aidar” battalion, who fought in the Luhansk region.

According to the prosecution Savchenko, the Navigator-operator of helicopter link helicopter squadron that fought in the Donbas in the summer of 2014 during its official release. As follows from the testimony of the witness, — one of fighters of LNR, the militias believed Savchenko gray cardinal of the battalion “Aydar”, said the judge’s sentence. And the other militias of the LPR Evgeniy Kolomiyets, speaking in court, argued that Savchenko was “the mastermind” of the battalion and was noted for particular cruelty and against the peace and to their own soldiers.

On the morning of 17 June, she fulfilled the command of the commander of the battalion “Aydar” Sergey Melnichuk and coordinated the artillery fire, perched on a telephone tower near the village of Stukalova Balka. From this position, insists the prosecution, she made a fire on a film crew VGTRK. Then Anton Voloshin was killed on the spot, and Igor Kornelyuk died on the way to the hospital.

An hour later Savchenko was discovered by the militia of the battalion Igor Plotnitsky (his testimony also formed the basis of the sentence), the week was kept in captivity and then released. Savchenko made the decision to illegally cross the Russian border as a refugee and was detained in the Voronezh region, it follows from the prosecution.

The movement of the stars in the sky

Itself Savchenko tried to convince the court that has no relation to the adjustment of fire in Russia to go were not going across the border against her will transported her unknown people.

The defendant admitted that indeed had joined the battalion “Aidar”, but argued that its purpose was “to help them with their knowledge.” Savchenko insisted that June 17 was going to go home, since the end of her vacation in a military unit, and in the morning the last time I went to investigate. According to her, she discovered several wounded Ukrainian soldiers tried to save them, but was ambushed and was captured by the militia.

She and her lawyers Nikolai Polozov and Ilya Novikov as the main evidence of their version called the billing on her phone, which is in the record. According to Novikov, the billing shows that at 11:40 am on June 17, when journalists have been murdered, Savchenko was already in the center of Lugansk in captivity by the militia, and could not adjust the fire. The defender insisted that the structure itself is 40-meter telephone tower would not have been able to withstand her body weight.

The lawyers presented to court the conclusion of astronomers who analyzed the video of Savchenko immediately after capture, as well as the position of the sun in the sky, and came to the conclusion that the recording was made about 10:30 am, i.e. an hour before the death of journalists.