The operator “Nord stream-2” responded to criticism from eight countries of the EU

In a statement issued by the press service of Nord Stream 2, specify that the letter, directed in a number of countries European Commission President, “unfortunately based on a number of fallacies and assertions, which could not tolerate objective criticism.”

The operator of Nord Stream 2 agreed that security of supply is of key importance not only for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but also for the whole EU. It is emphasized that the pipeline poses no risk to the States, largely depending on one energy source. Moreover, these countries will benefit from projects such as “Nord stream-2”.

The statement also highlights the fact that the demand for gas is steadily increasing while the reserves of the North sea are declining. “Unfortunately, the letter to the President of the European Commission does not recognize all of the benefits of additional gas supplies for the European environment and global climate.

A letter of objection to the construction of the second branch of the gas pipeline “Nord stream” was signed by the heads of government of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, as well as the President of Lithuania, told Reuters on 16 March. In the document, according to the Agency, States that “Nord stream-2” will cause “potentially destabilizing geopolitical consequences”. The letter explained that the project “may present certain risks for energy security in Central and Eastern Europe”.

The authors of the document specify that the extension of the gas pipeline “will have a strong influence on the development of the gas market and gas transit in the region, and especially on the transit route through Ukraine”.

On Thursday in Brussels summit of EU on which, in particular, will discuss energy security issues. At the December summit, the extension of the “North stream” has caused a fierce debate after Italian Prime Minister MATEO Renzi has accused Germany of violating the spirit of anti-Russian sanctions because of the support of the project Berlin.

The second branch of the gas pipeline “Nord stream”, laid under the Baltic sea need to increase the volume of gas supplies to Germany twice, to 110 billion cubic meters per year. In the consortium on the project includes in addition to the Russian Gazprom, the German companies E. ON and Wintershall, Anglo-Dutch Shell, Austria’s OMV and French ENGIE.