The police have declared wanted a suspected member of the terrorist attacks in Brussels

Federal police of Belgium was declared wanted one of the suspects in the terrorist attack at the airport of Brussels. This was reported in Twitter of the police, which publishes announcements of search.

The announcement about the investigation, the police put a photograph of a man dressed in a light jacket and a hat, which the trolley wheels for Luggage, writes Reuters. Anyone who has any information about this man or about the events connected with the attack, police urged to report to law enforcement authorities.

Earlier, the AFP Agency published a frame of video from the surveillance camera at the Brussels airport, which shows three men with the cart, on which lie the suitcases. The Agency noted that the picture was provided by the police of Belgium at the request of prosecutors, and the people — the suspects in the terrorist attack at the airport.

A man who is wanted by the Federal police is one of the three depicted in the photo published by AFP.

Explosions in Brussels, the Prosecutor’s office qualified as acts of terrorism, thundered in the morning on March 22. First two explosions occurred at the airport of the Belgian capital, then another one occurred at the metro station “Maelbeek”. As a result, according to the latest data, has killed more than 30 people. At least 20 killed in metro and 11 people at the airport.

Responsibility for the attacks was assumed banned in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS). As reported by the source Agency AP in the Iraqi intelligence, ISIS terrorists in the Syrian city of raqqa in the past two months were planning attacks in airports and railway stations in Europe.

Another senior source in the intelligence services of Iraq confirmed to the AP that the attacks on Brussels is ISIS. “They [the attack] was planned in raqqa two months ago, there are three suicide bombers who make another attack,” the source said, without specifying details.