The Russians faced the strongest in nine months with falling revenues

The size of the real income of the average Russian (funds that remain after payment of obligatory payments and can be spent for own needs or deferred to a future date) declined in February 2016 in comparison with the last month of winter of the previous 6.9%.

From the materials of Rosstat, it follows that the fall in real incomes of Russians that slowed down at the end of last year, accelerated sharply again. If in December 2015 the real incomes of Russians decreased by only 0.8%, whereas in January they fell by 6.3%, while in February the rate of decline increased to 6.9%.

For the entire 2015 year real incomes of Russians decreased faster only once — in may they fell by 7.3%. In recent times the increase in real income was recorded in October of 2014, but to stop the decline doesn’t help that their current level of service compares with the fallen figures.

In ruble terms the income of the average Russian for a year has grown on 0,5% — to 28 thousand rubles 161, the average Monthly salary for the year increased by 5.3% (32,99 thousand rubles) that does not cover accrued over the same period inflation. As a result, the real wages of the average Russian worker, the purchasing power derived from the employer of money by the end of February 2015 fell by 2.6%.

The rate of decline in real wages slowed to the least in more than a year. Previously, the Ministry has already noted the improvement of the situation with a salary of Russians as a good sign of slowing her fall. “This could be a sign of a gradual reversal of the downward salary trend developed during the year 2015”, — noted in the monitoring of the current situation in the economy, published by the MAYOR in late February.

According to the forecast of experts of Sberbank CIB, the reduction will continue this year as inflation remains high, and nominal wages are rising too slowly. “If the growth of nominal wages will accelerate to 8%, inflation will keep the dynamics of real wages in a negative region”, — stated in the forecast.

By the end of 2015 in General, the level of real wages in Russia fell by 9.3%. The Deputy head of the Ministry of labor Lyubov Eltsova predicted that the 2014 actual salaries will return only in 2018.

Rosstat also reported that by the end of 2015 the total number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence minimum decreased (excluding Crimea and Sevastopol) to 14.5 million, or 10% of the total population of Russia. The result for the whole year, Rosstat estimated the number of Russian poor in 19.2 million people. This is considerably less than in January—June (21.7 million), but more to an average for the previous eight years. In previous times the poor people in Russia managed to find only in 2006.

Recorded in the fourth quarter of 2015 reducing the number of people with incomes below the subsistence minimum, possibly due to the fact that in the same quarter was lowered the size of the subsistence minimum. In April—June 2015, when the number of poor people exceeded 20 million people, the size of the subsistence minimum amounted to 10 thousand 17 roubles, in the next quarter it dropped to 9 673 thousand roubles, and for October—December, the government cut it for 221 rubles.