The state Duma will freeze the law on deputies-truants

To accelerate and postpone

The state Duma will postpone the adoption of the law on deputies-shirkers, said a source close to the leadership of the lower chamber, and the source confirmed in the lower house. The authors of the bill deputies from the faction “Fair Russia” led by Sergei Mironov, leader — proposed to deprive the parliamentarians of the mandate for systematic failure to perform duties on the initiative of the faction and of the Duma decision.

Made in June 2015 the bill six months lay without movement, but last week was unexpectedly approved by the relevant Committee on constitutional legislation, and on 18 March the lower house adopted in the first reading.

Deputies then talked about the need to amend it, including to clarify what is meant by failure to perform duties. But the period of amendments, instead of the traditional 30 days was assigned a very short — until Monday, March 21, i.e. one working day.

By Monday evening the Committee had made only one minor correction — from Communist Boris Kashin, who proposed to deprive of the mandate not just of the faction, and based on the decision of the governing body of the party.

No significant amendments had been received, this means that while the document has no prospects of being accepted in the current session, says a source in the lower house. Adopted in the first reading the law could theoretically lie in the Duma for a very long time, even years, said the source close to the leadership of “United Russia”.

Officially the Duma has not confirmed this information. The head of the Committee on constitutional legislation, Vladimir Pligin only confirmed that it will not make any amendments, but not told whether the extended collection period of amendments how soon the Committee will consider them.

One of the authors of the initiative just Russia Oleg Nilov said that he is confident that the bill will be passed in the second and third readings. And the question unresolved in the draft order of deprivation of the Deputy mandate of single-member constituencies, are not in the faction, can be solved after its adoption, the Deputy considers

The disputed norms

It is not clear how to finalize the bill, according to a source close to the leadership of the lower chamber. According to him, it is difficult to give a clear definition of “systematic failure of duty”. Because of this, the document was ambiguously accepted by the opposition and the public, said the source . In addition, it is unclear why pass the bill now, when before the termination of authority of the current convocation of the Duma remains less than six months. “While the document will be adopted and signed, them already nobody will manage to use them. It is more logical to discuss it in the next convocation,” — he said.

Surprisingly, the document actually adopted in the first reading, says a source in the leadership of “Fair Russia”. If it will come into force, no businessman wants to go into the next Duma — it will be scary to pass because of their Affairs meeting, he said.

A source in United Russia said that the decision of the Committee on constitutional legislation, to recommend the document for adoption was a surprise to many United Russia party members. “The document is strange, it is logical to discuss”, — the interlocutor speaks.

Reaction to the forum in Lithuania

A just Russia trying to arrange the power of the Duma to deprive of the Deputy mandate with the summer of 2015. They do not hide what they want, including out of the lower chamber elected on their list of Ilya Ponomarev, who declared internationally wanted (the consequence suspects him of embezzlement of funds of the Fund “SKOLKOVO”).

But other MPs long blocked the idea. First, the socialist party tried to adopt a resolution, which allows to deprive of the Deputy mandate for a half year absence. But then in the Committee on rules felt that the idea is contrary to Federal law. Then the management of “Fair Russia” and amended the law on status of Deputy of the state Duma, which proposed to deprive of the mandate for systematic non-participation in the work. But on 25 January, the Committee on constitutional legislation recommended to reject the initiative. The voters must decide to work MP or not, then said Pligin. However, in mid-March, his Committee unexpectedly recommended the document for adoption. “Something happened today pligina and his colleagues had an Epiphany”, cited “Kommersant”, the words nil.

The adoption of the law coincided with harsh criticism Ponomarev of the Russian authorities. Recently he compared the situation in Russia and Germany 1933, and attended March 8-10, in the “Forum of free Russia” in Lithuania. On the website of “United Russia” after this came the statement that the main idea of the event was the introduction of external control over Russia. Deputy Robert Schlegel promised to ask law enforcement to give these words an assessment. Perhaps the Committee on constitutional legislation not accidentally took the law in the first reading, it was a reaction to the words of the participants of the forum, said a source close to the leadership of “Fair Russia”.

The state Duma does not accept the laws in the first reading under the influence of certain events, and then putting them back in. So it was with bill on compensation to the Russians for the decisions of foreign courts (the”law Rotenberg”), introduced in September 2014 Vladimir Ponevejsky immediately after the arrest by Italian authorities villas Arkady Rotenberg (in the sanctions lists of the USA and the EU). The project was hastily passed in the first reading, but never reached the second.

The cases when accepted in the first reading the draft laws of resonance do not reach final adoption, the units, said opposition lawmaker Dmitry Gudkov. According to him, as a rule, they are frozen, if the initiative has caused serious public criticism, as was the case with the “law Rotenberg”. “Or second reading, the authors understand that their positive project can be used for political purposes by opponents, as in the case of offset days in jail for a day and a half in a penal colony for two days in a colony-settlement, because upon its adoption could be reduced, the terms “Bolotnikov”. In addition, the Duma may start discussing the resonance of the bill to change the agenda, for example, the sentencing of former Ukrainian army Hope Savchenko,” — said the Deputy.