Trump on the example of Ukraine has proposed to cut spending on U.S. NATO

At a meeting with the editorial Board of the Washington Post, the leader of the race among the members of the Republican party trump has wondered how the US needs NATO membership in the current state. As an example, he cited the situation in Ukraine, where America’s European allies, according to him, doing nothing.

“Ukraine is a country that excites us much less than the other members of NATO, but we got it all on myself,” said trump. “Why shouldn’t Germany responsible for Ukraine from NATO? Why her neighbors don’t do that? Why do we always have to be what leads to a potential Third world war with Russia?” said trump.

According to the presidential candidate, the United States simply cannot any longer afford large expenditures on NATO and should reduce its contribution to the organization. “NATO’s costing us a fortune. Yes, we are defending Europe through NATO, but spend too much money,” he added.

On Monday, trump gave an interview and CNN, in which he elaborated on this concept. “Our contribution to NATO’s disproportionate, it’s too big. In truth, the world has changed in comparison with those times, when we initially proposed this idea”, – he stressed.

A similar position was expressed by trump and about U.S. actions in the Pacific. He wondered how adequate a massive military investments in Asia, and the USA can be a real peacekeeping force in the region. “South Korea is rich, a great industrial power, but we have not been compensated justly for what we were doing. We are constantly sent back his ships, planes, organize military exercises, and received only nuggets of how much it all costs”.

Trump, in principle, have wondered why the US is in debt $19 trillion give away so much money abroad. “We’re sitting on the bubble. And when it burst, it will be very bad,” said trump. “I saw we were building schools in Iraq and they blew up. Once built – it blew up, second time built – it blew up. Three times they built this school, and in Brooklyn to build a school can’t. We have no money for education because we can’t build anything in our country”, – he explained.