“Vedomosti” filed a lawsuit for attempting to bribe journalists

The company “Business news Media” (makes “statements”) filed a lawsuit against Denis Terekhov in Golovinsky district court of Moscow. The suit was registered on 12 February 2016, and the next hearing is scheduled for March 30, according to the website of the court.

Head of legal Department of “Sheets” Vladimir Rumjantsev has explained that the lawsuit was filed in connection with the statements Terekhova in social networks that in 2006 he allegedly paid someone from the staff of “Vedomosti” that the newspaper did not publish materials about a particular company or person. Terekhov did not disclose any employee’s name or other details.

Vladimir Rumyantsev explained that the paper does not have material claims to Terekhov edition only requires a public refutation of his words: “Some more specifics in these discussions are not held, no matter how much he asked. Nevertheless, there were unequivocal statements that such payments were”.

“We felt that it’s a discredit to our reputation, explained Rumyantsev. — If he has any proof, let he will tell, maybe we don’t know something. But such allegations are unacceptable. We want to avoid false charges that the newspaper “Vedomosti” you can publish, or to remove some material for the money.”

The correspondent tried to get comments of Denis Terekhov, however, he had not heard the question and responded on the merits.

The dispute between Denis Terekhov and journalists, “Gazette” took place in September 2015 in Facebook.

Denis Terekhov has also stated on social networks that in 2006 paid $15 thousand Russian Forbes for publishing an article about the businessman Alexander Gaydamak. He stated that he had paid the then Deputy editor of Forbes Cyril Vishnepolsky. Vishnepolsky in response, explained that “some group of black PR then sent to the editor of the mole — girl trainee, who immediately said that she has contact with Gaydamak”. He said it has redesigned its “complementary and silly text” and then in the editor called himself Gaydamak and resented the fact that the publication was paid. Vishnepolsky denied that the newspaper received any money for publishing.

General Director of JSC “AC RUS MEDIA” (it includes the fall of the Russian Forbes) Natalia Gandurina stated that the company does not plan to submit the claim to Denis Terekhov.

Denis Terekhov is a managing partner and General Director of PR-Agency “Social networks”. The Agency exists since 2008. In 2001-2003 Terekhov worked in the publishing group “Logos-Media”, in 2003-2006 he worked in the Central office of the political party “Union of right forces”. In 2007 he launched a public-political weekly “Number one” in the publishing house “Spark”.