Yevtushenkov chided authorities for helping businesses “splayed fingers”

The main shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding AFK “Sistema” Vladimir Yevtushenkov, speaking at the Russian business Week, criticized the work of ministries and state development institutions, according to RNS. According to Yevtushenkov, these departments currently supporting the business “splayed fingers or fist”, because they do not have “a clear strategy”.

In particular, Russia has not classified the types of assistance: existing development institutions focused on the IT industry, while there are other areas that need support, says Yevtushenkov. He added that the possibility of other industries now “is not just restricted and very limited.”

Yevtushenkov also said that in major projects “we can’t subsidize rates or in conjunction with the business community to Finance projects.” According to him, it is impossible to develop a business only on public funds: it is necessary to encourage entrepreneurs to invest their own assets and to optimize their processes — because of the coming of the regime “brutal economy”, said the founder of AFK “System”.

The country now has more than 40 development institutions and business support, on their accounts of about 400 billion rubles, said Yevtushenkov, referring to the data of the Ministry of Finance. Thus from the available amount in real projects invested less than one third of the funds and the institutions that support “live by themselves”, says the businessman.

In December 2015 the results of the message to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin instructed to optimize the composition and functions of innovative institutions development. In late January, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that “remains to be solved,” the survival of existing structures — “RUSNANO”, RVC, Bortnik Foundation, “VEB Innovations”, “SKOLKOVO”.

As at the end of February wrote citing a source in the government, the first decisions on the future structure of the system of institutes of innovative development can be taken within three weeks of March.