Alleged member of terrorist attack in Brussels has left a message on the laptop

A suicide bomber, who carried out the explosion at the airport of Brussels, left a recording on his computer that was found during the RAID in the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek in a dumpster on the street. This was reported by the Belgium Prosecutor Frederic van Leo, reports AP.

According to the Prosecutor, found the computer was owned by Ibrahim El-Batrawi. In the recording, which was on his computer, El Bachraoui talked about how he feels all the more insecure and afraid of landing in jail.

The Prosecutor added that one person arrested during one of the raids, is in custody now and being questioned. Name this man, the Prosecutor is not named.

Van Leo also confirmed that explosions in Brussels Zaventem airport and at the metro station “Maelbeek” was perpetrated by the brothers Khalid and Brahim El Bachraoui. The day before about this channel RTBF said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Van Leo said that the explosion at the airport did 29-year-old Brahim El Bachraoui, and 27-year-old Khalid blew himself up in the subway.

Another man, a suspect in the attack, remains at large, the Prosecutor added. This third attacker also came to the airport with explosives in the bag, but it exploded later, and as a result nobody has suffered, said the Prosecutor.