Authorities called journalists guilty Gypsy riot near Tula

Because the media escalated the Gypsies clashes with Riot police in the village of Plekhanovo, Tula region last week, said the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities (FADN) Igor Barinov, speaking Monday at the government hour in the state Duma.

Conflict of Gypsies living in the village of Plekhanovo, Tula region, with law enforcement agencies occurred last week. On the morning of 17 March, the TV channel “First Tula” reported that in the village arrived a 400 person riot squad. The Gypsies threw themselves on the shields, some of them laid on the ground, several people were detained. By mid-afternoon the situation had calmed down.

“When the headlines were full of reports of Gypsy riot and were sharing unverified information about being in the village three hundred or four hundred fighters of OMON, interior troops, etc., the situation was brought under control by local authorities and there were police who monitored the progress of repair work on the pipeline. As a result of the publication of these false data, the situation again deteriorated,” said Barinov.

The mass media have a special influence on the state of interethnic relations, said Barinov. “We have repeatedly observed, as the domestic conflict on the pages of some publications acquires national shade,” he described coverage of the conflict in the Tula region.

The national question will be used extensively during the election campaign 2016-2018, told the MPs the head of FADN.

“Currently, in some regions we observed splicing radicalized religious structures with non-system opposition criticism of the authorities. While this criticism is related to social issues, the economy, housing, but closer to the election it can easily acquire political, national and religious overtones. Because the regions need to be ready to respond,” said Barinov. On specifying question of the Deputy Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF), who he has in mind, the head of the Agency did not mention any specific names.