Designer displeased Putin’s roads were Volgomost

About the problems with the construction of the route Kerch — Simferopol became known on 18 March at a meeting with Vladimir Putin on the socio-economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol. Putin asked Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the condition of the road. Kozak said about the missed deadlines because unscrupulous designer, whose contract is scheduled to terminate.

“This unscrupulous designer how much money Schumacher?” — asked Putin. Kozak replied that 280 million rubles, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that 280 million designer requires the state through the courts.

A source in the office of the Federal government said that the design of the route has been the company Volgomost. “Formally, the contract was awarded to its subsidiary, but in fact the responsibility of Volgomost, — says the interlocutor .

By order of the Council of Ministers of Crimea from 29 June 2015 the contractor the contract value of 2 billion rubles for the preparation of design and estimate documentation and engineering surveys for the construction of the route Kerch — Simferopol — Sevastopol was appointed “Giprotransmost-Crimea”. According to SPARK, is affiliated with the “Volgomost” enterprise: the founder of “Giprotransmost-Crimea” is “Giprotransmost”, the Board of Directors members of the Board of Directors of “Volgomost”. The owners of “Giprotransmost-Crimea” are Ali Shirokov and Andrei Moiseev, who from September to November 2015 shareholders were “Volgomost-Crimea”, “daughter” “Volgomost”.

Our database of arbitration courts on 11 January was registered the claim of the Ministry of transport of Crimea to “Giprotransmost-Crimea” and Service roads of the Crimea with the requirement to recognise void two contracts entered into by the companies in August and September 2015. The details of the claim were not disclosed, but the Service of highways of the Crimea was the customer of construction of the route Kerch — Simferopol — Sevastopol. Just “Giprotransmost-Crimea” received by the Federal program “Socio – economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020” contracts by 3.6 billion rubles, follows from the order of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

The General Director of “Giprotransmost-Crimea” Vladislav Konovalov said that the company continues to design the route, despite receiving 11 November 2015 from the Service roads of the Crimea notice of suspension of work. He said that the company is building the four-lane road to Sevastopol, as required by government contract.

The Turks demolished the prop

One destroyed, two damaged

On March 19, the Turkish cargo ship “Lyra” destroyed the piers under construction across the Kerch Strait. Know about the incident only became on March 23. The Agency FlashCrimea with reference to the management of Federal highways “Taman” reported that the incident destroyed pillar No. 80, it is also possible that hidden damage received bearing No. 79. In addition, lighthouse destroyed two piles, and support No. 79 and No. 81 have been offset.

Was without pilot

Decoding of negotiations of dispatchers of the ship shows that the captain of the “Lyre” has repeatedly warned about the violation of the course and the possibility of collision with the bridge under construction in the Kerch Strait. In addition, the transcripts that shortly before the incident, the Manager advised that the Turkish cargo ship: “Lira”, I suggest you next time to follow with a pilot, you are not ready to follow without the pilot”. FlashCrimea previously reported that the cause of the collision of a bulk carrier with the bridge was the lack of a pilot. “Rosmorport” has previously decided to allow the passage of ships through the Kerch Strait, this “Lear” without pilotage. Collision — the result of bureaucratic carelessness,” said he.

The timing will not be affected

The representative of the Federal state institution “Taman”, a subsidiary of Rosavtodor (the customer of construction of the bridge), Alina Chernoivanova reported that the incident “will not affect the progress and duration of construction” of the bridge. According to her, currently, the contractor assesses the damage. The incident will be resolved in court.

Under the flag of Panama

The cargo ship “Lyra” is owned by Turkuaz Shipping Corp., it was driven by a Turkish citizen. Source TASS said that the ship went under the flag of Panama. Currently the ship is in the port of Taganrog, its crew of nine people has not suffered.

The representative of the Ministry of transport of the Crimea refused comments and have advised to address in Service of highways of the Crimea. The service representative did not answer questions by phone and email, asking to send mail to the “Mail of Russia”.

Volgomost is a large road construction company, registered in Saratov. The main activity — construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges. The company has projects in Tatarstan, Mordovia, Samara, Penza, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan regions, etc. the company’s Revenue, according to SPARK, in 2014 amounted to 15.7 billion rubles., net profit 262 mln March 9 Fondservisbank said that he intends to address in court with the requirement to recognize Volgomost bankrupt. Also, the company has unpaid debts of 1.2 billion rubles, follows from SPARK.

According to SPARK, Volgomost 20% belongs to the company “DRSU Klinskoe”, which is fully controlled by the entrepreneur Tufan Sadygov. Another 20% have “Dmitrov Avtodor” — its previously controlled manner, and now — Olga Yakovleva. 14.5% of controls “Avtotransservis”, 50% of which belongs to Moses. The other owners are not disclosed.

“Concrete should be a person who can hang”

“I ask to think again and to give me the final arrangement of this work. Looking for a specific body need a specific person who is responsible for the entire project, so I didn’t have to call by phones around the government or to the subjects of the Federation. Must be the one who is personally responsible for the results of the work and for expenditure of public money. <…> Here’s my [responsibility], and head of the Directorate were not suitable, the concrete should be the man will be hanged if he wouldn’t do anything. This is a large, important, but one specific project. I ask you — we and with Prime Minister spoke on this issue — the final version of the training to be clear: who is responsible for what”.

Vladimir Putin, March 18 (quoted by TASS)

In 2014, “Vedomosti” wrote that Sadigov worked in the housing sector: companies engaged in snow removal or road repair in the Northern and North-Eastern districts of Moscow. Also, Sadigov was the hotel business in Turkey, noted by “Vedomosti” with reference to the source. Now, according to SPARK, Sadygov in addition to “Volgomost” owns “Volgogradoblelectro”, financial indicators of the company are not disclosed.

tried to contact Sadigov and got through to his assistant Olesya, who asked “not to make questioning,” and hung up.

The representative of Kozak forwarded to Aksenov question will be whether the authorities to complain about the owners “Volgomost” to law enforcement. The representative of the head of the Crimea on Wednesday evening did not pick up.