Due to high demand AVTOVAZ almost doubled the production of Lada Vesta

In March AVTOVAZ increased the production of Lada Vesta at the Izhevsk plant in up to 230 vehicles per day, while in January — February the plant produced about 100 less cars, “Vedomosti” citing informed sources.

The edition notes that the representative of AVTOVAZ confirmed the increase in the production of Vesta, but the numbers are not called. He explained that the plant in Izhevsk works five days a week in two shifts, while the main plant in Togliatti for six months was transferred to the mode of incomplete working hours.

The increase in the release of the Vesta is associated with the lack of inventory: all vehicles contracted and immediately go to dealers. When interviewed by newspaper dealers said that there is a shortage of cars, and delivery time car buyer can be up to 1.5 months. One of the dealers told me that every month he sells about 150 Vesta, in his warehouse, there are about 90 cars, not all trim levels, while the factory stocks it was ready to buy about 200 machines.

The publication presents data of Association of European businesses (AEB), which in January were sold in Russia 1643 Vesta, in February — 2955 cars. According to one source, in March the production of Vesta can reach 5000 pieces. This model became the second by popularity after Granta, sales of which in February amounted to 6335 pieces.

The representative of AVTOVAZ said that in 2016 the company plans to sell 60,000 Lada Vesta. In this case the design capacity of the Assembly line for these cars exactly in 2 times more — 120 000 items per year.

In February, the then head of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson said that in 2016, the manufacturer plans to achieve market share in Russia to 20%.
March 15, the Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ approved Tuesday as the new President of the company, Nicolas Mora, who was earlier a post of the President of the Romanian automaker Dacia, part of Renault-Nissan.