Jim Rogers has described Russia as a country with a “good future”

In the near future the Russian economy will not be able to return to growth, as the crisis two or three years will be the economy all over the world, however further work will quickly germinate. Such an assessment gave in an interview to Rambler News Service well-known investor Jim Rogers.

“I have been actively investing in Russia, because optimistic about its future, in particular about the future of Russian agriculture. I think that you are lucky to live in a country that has a good future. Many other countries such a future does not wait” – said the head of Rogers Holdings.

Rogers emphasized that the recently acquired Russian ruble-denominated Federal loan bonds (OFZ), and in addition invested in the company “FosAgro” and in General “to the country’s development”. In this regard, the investor has criticized the recent statement of the adviser of RF President Sergey Glaziev about the dangers of speculation by foreign investors on the Moscow exchange and the need for their limitations.

“These gentlemen say very strange things, and I don’t fully understand their logic. If I make their money inside the country, as it leads to outflow? People actively Shortt of the ruble. I anyway buy. I personally investing in Russia. Do not infer them, and invest in the development of the country,” said Rogers.

Among the prospective areas for investment in 2016 Rogers, along with Russia, has identified Kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria and Colombia. But the investment in Ukrainian assets he brought to the hopeless.

“The Ukrainian catastrophe still no end in sight. In Colombia, for example, nearing the end of the thirty years ‘ war In Ukraine can also be the thirty years war. There are so many other places. If you are ready to invest in Ukraine — may be successful in the next 30 years. But I’m not ready. I think that there are much more places where I could invest my money. I’d rather invest money in Kazakhstan in 2016 than in Ukraine,” explained Rogers.

Previously, Rodgers explained their investments in OFZ attractive rates and assurance that “Russia will pay its debts”, and the ruble has already “bounced off the bottom.”

“The Russian market now everyone hates, but everyone loves America, the idea lies on the surface — you need to buy at minimum and sell at maximum, to buy what’s unpopular, and sell something that everyone likes,” explained then Rogers.

Jim Rogers — former partner of the legendary investor George Soros and co-founder of the Fund Quantum Fund, which in 1970, in the decade since its creation, brought investors 4200% against income growth of the S&P by 47%. In 2012, Rogers has become a consultant of “VTB Capital” on attraction of direct investments in the Russian agricultural sector. In September 2014 Rogers as an independent Director has joined the Board of Directors.