Lukashenko refused to choose between Russia and the European Union

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has refused to choose between Russia and the European Union. About it it is reported on its website, said at the meeting with the Polish foreign Minister Witold Wasikowski.

“If the partners with whom we engage, will insist that you with East or with the West — choose, that is, you with Russia or the European Union, to put us in front of such a choice, us this position is not suitable. I am absolutely convinced that you don’t need it today”, — Lukashenka noted.

In his opinion, “Poland more than anyone else, is interested in Belarus was not only an independent state, but stable”. “I think you unstable another state in the West after Ukraine is not necessary. It’s not good for Poland” — said the President of Belarus.

Waszczykowski, in turn, stressed that the new Polish government considers abnormal a situation where for many years the neighboring countries have not talked. “So we decided, without any preconditions to start the dialogue and to settle all neighborhood relationships, which can be solved in the nearest future”, — he said.

Reuters noted that this is the first visit of the Minister of the member state of the European Union in Minsk, after Brussels lifted sanctions against Belarus.

The decision to lift sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarusian officials 169 adopted 15 February. Now they are allowed entry to the territory of EU member States, their assets unfrozen. On the decision of the EU, in particular, was influenced by the decision of Minsk to release political prisoners: in August, the President pardoned six prisoners, including Nicholas Stankevich, a former presidential candidate.

The next day after that Lukashenko praised the EU for a decision. “The foreign Minister should thank his colleagues for making such a decision. The EU countries — well done, they realized that there is a moment in time and it is necessary to depart from this block thinking and confrontation with Belarus. They took a completely satisfactory solution,” said the President of the Republic.

In the Kremlin commented on the lifting of sanctions against Belarus. “This step once again demonstrates the absolute futility of sanctions, the futility of sanctions continue dialogue. Naturally, we perceive this very positively. Once again it shows the flawed thinking of sanctions”, — said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.