The head of Department of culture of Moscow has forbidden to dismiss Museum Directors

Kibovsky has forbidden to dismiss

A series of dismissals of Directors of the city’s museums, head of Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky has caused discontent of the Vice-mayor Alexander Pechatnikov, which oversees the social sector in the Metropolitan government.

Printers banned Kibovsky to make personnel decisions without agreeing with him, said a source close to the Ministry of culture. This information was confirmed by a source close to city government, as well as familiar Pechatnikov.

Printers at the time of delivery of the material couldn’t provide the operational comment . In the Department of culture on the questions are also not answered. A source in the Department said that “does not comment on rumors”.

According to the regulations of the Department of culture of Moscow, the Department “appoints the heads of public agencies, shall terminate their powers, concludes employment contracts with them, establishes the procedure for their assessment”.

Dismissal Kibovsky

In early March, were dismissed from their positions by the Director of the Museum-estate “Tsaritsyno” Natalia Samoilenko, Director of the Association “Exhibition halls of Moscow” Elizaveta Fokina, Director of the Moscow center of Museum development Tatyana Gafar. Their positions have lost the Director of the Moscow Directorate of mass events Saga Bunin and the head of the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle”, the State Museum of defense of Moscow, Park of culture and recreation “Fili” and Museum and Park “Northern Tushino”. Terminated the contract with the Director of the arts Library. A. P. Bogolyubov.

All were dismissed or appointed the previous head of the Moscow Department of culture Sergei Capcom, or worked successfully with him. With Samoilenko and Fokine, as they said , Kapkov shortly before leaving office has extended contracts for five years.

Kapkov has stepped down from his post in early 2015, in March he was replaced by Kibovsky. Immediately after his appointment. Kibovsky said that he intends to restore order in the Department entrusted to him.

Many Museum managers were outraged form of dismissal (according to the article, without explanation) and the refusal Kibovsky to motivate their decisions.

“Breaking a contract with me, Kibovsky I personally did not explain anything to me and not met, and his staff said only that the “orders” — said Samoilenko.

According to Fokina, the Department of culture issued dismissal “unethical” and “in violation of the law”. Firstly, Fokin explains, Kibovsky does not explain her reasons for leaving and reasons for sudden reorganization “Exhibition halls of Moscow”.

Second, there is still Fokin, one day — March 10 — the Department of culture has issued orders of dismissal Fokina and reorganization of its institutions, although plans to reform the structure of the officials had to notify in advance the head and offer her an alternative job. And thirdly, it emphasizes Fokine, she was not given the workbook the date of termination and not paid.

Federal museums against Kibovsky

Close to the Ministry of culture, the source explained that the reaction Pechatnikov has influenced decisions Kibovsky criticism from cultural figures and the Directors of Federal museums. The acute reactions caused dismissal Samoilenko and Fokine.

9 March on the website of the Union of museums of Russia published an open letter to Kibovsky President of this organization, the Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky. He writes that “surprisingly” found out about the dismissal Samoilenko. The success of the recent exhibitions “Tsaritsyno”, said the Director of the Hermitage, was largely “achieved its high personal credibility in the Museum world of the country”. Piotrowski asks the head of the Department of culture to explain the reason for the dismissal Samoilenko.

On the same day the Department Kibovsky explained the reasons: in a press-service told ITAR-TASS that one of the main reasons for the resignation Samoilenko was the non-execution of requirements of the Moscow management of Federal Antimonopoly service (UFAS) on elimination of violations in the organization of tender procedures: UFAS across Moscow has filed several lawsuits in court against the Museum.

Samoilenko said that the competitions, which they say in the Department, have been associated with the cleaning and maintenance of the territory of the “Tsaritsyno”. “We signed contracts with those organizations that have been licensed by the Ministry of culture. Naturally, the losing organization that has not received the order, did everything to us began to complain,” explained the essence of the conflict Samoilenko. Besides, she continues, the Museum “Tsaritsyno” appealed the FAS order in the Arbitrazh court of Moscow, and before you dismiss, it was necessary at least to await the decision of the court.

Interceded for the man and another large Museum structure. Letter Kibovsky after the dismissal of the Director of the “Tsaritsyno” was sent to the Russian Committee of International Council of museums (ICOM), which has 35 thousand members in 136 countries around the world. A source in the Russian IKOM said the letter signed by the President of the Russian Committee of International Council of museums, Vladimir Putin’s adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy.

“Museum “Tsaritsyno” in recent years successfully developed, this is evident by his reporting for 2015, almost all indicators of visible growth, the number of visitors to the Museum “Tsaritsyno” is about 700 thousand people per year”, — the interlocutor told the content of the letter Kibovsky. The dismissal of such a leader as Samoylenko, without explanation and conduct a personal meeting is unethical, according to representatives of Ikoma: they asked the mayor to explain the reasons for these personnel decisions.

ICOM is preparing a letter Kibovsky and about the situation with the reorganization of the “Exhibition halls of Moscow”, he added. Dissatisfaction with the personnel policy Kibovsky expressed and employees of this Association.

Be in possession of the letter of employees “Exhibition halls of Moscow” the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, in which they asked the mayor to respond to the dismissal Fokina and explain the reasons for the reorganization of their institutions.

In a press-service of the Department of culture said that will be able to answer questions about a series of layoffs in museums no earlier than Thursday.

A source in the Department said that all the dismissal of Museum Directors were legitimate. “The question of the form of layoffs — a separate, but anything illegal, the Department did not do”, — said the interlocutor. According to the interlocutor, the man was fired only because the head of the Museum in addition to organizing exhibitions is responsible for economic and financial part of the institution’s work, and claims FAS were too serious to ignore.

“Fokine were offered options for alternative employment, and on the reorganization of the “Exhibition halls” announced for six months,” says the source. Besides, he continues, the work of “showrooms” in the Department of culture was found ineffective.