The newspaper “Soviet sport” apologized for the article Utkin 2006

The newspaper “Soviet sport” apologized to the football club CSKA for “incorrect” publication. In the newspaper published a column of apology signed by the chief editor of “Soviet sport” Constantine klesheva, writes

In the column under the heading “Soviet sport” — CSKA: an Invitation to dialogue” says that “at the time, the newspaper acted inappropriately in relation to PFC CSKA and its fans, placing on its pages the material in which the author’s allegations were not supported by specific facts and evidence”.

In the column did not specify what kind of material it is. According to the mites writes about post commentator Vasily Utkin, which Soviet sport had a conflict with CSKA. In 2006 Utkin in the article “Games that we deserve” wrote that, in his opinion, the match CSKA — “Rostov” ended with the score 2:1, it was fixed.

After the publication CSKA sued for “Soviet sport” and scored it, but “the Soviet sports” has made the appeal against the decision. The appeal CSKA, in turn, was rejected. After this scandal CSKA refused to talk to the “Soviet sport”.

Utkin said the TV channel “Rain” that such cases, apology was not there before: “out of my face no one apologized”.

In the column of the chief editor of “Soviet sport” stated that the newspaper hoped that between the publication and the club of CSKA “will again have a constructive dialogue”. “We are convinced that the apology is not a sign of weakness, — it is told in the column. On the contrary, it reflects the strength and adequate understanding of the situation”.

“Mistake” against CSKA made a previous edition of “Soviet sport”, stressed the mites. In February 2016, the newspaper changed owners and editors. The newspaper was bought by holding “Bang media”, the largest owned company “Capital invest group” and “Regional projects” (30% stake). One of the founders of the holding “Bang media” — the owner of Agency Eventica Communications Sergey Kolushev. The Agency was a partner of sport and the RFU on the world Cup 2014 in Brazil.