U.S. companies announced plans to actively reach out to the Cuban market

U.S. companies announced plans to actively reach out to the Cuban market

Moscow. March 22. US companies are planning to enter the Cuban market or increase activity in this country.

In particular, the Internet giant Google plans to open in Cuba technology center. The company’s plans to increase access to the Internet in that country, U.S. President Barack Obama plans to announce during his visit to Cuba.

“From what I’m going to announce – Google has reached an agreement to begin installing more WiFi hotspots and expansion of broadband access (to Internet) – required access to Cuba was included in the twenty-first century from the point of view of economy”, – said the American President in interview to TV channel ABC.

Google will distribute the free Internet, the speed of which will be 70 times higher than the available population of the island at present, according to BBC.

The technology centre will be located in the Studio of Cuban artist Alexis Machado, known as the Conference. He stated that the Studio will be open to everyone five days a week from seven in the morning until midnight, reports the AP. At the same time it will be available to about 40 people.

Expanding its activities in Cuba and the website Booking.com. The company became the first among U.S. online travel agencies that have been able to make a deal with the Cuban government. Now the Americans will be able to directly reserve accommodation in Cuba without resorting to travel agencies.

Company money transfer Western Union also said that expanding translation services on the island.

Previously, the company AirBnb announced his intention to enter the Cuban market. About the opening of three hotels in Cuba reported the hotel chain Starwood.

Obama’s historic visit to Cuba Sunday, in the afternoon local time (in the night of Monday Moscow time). He became the first over the past 88 years, U.S. President visiting Cuba.

Cuban is trying to get Obama’s lifting of the economic embargo. Over the last few months of restrictions, for example, in the field of tourism was shot.

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