Ukraine said on violation of airspace by Russian helicopter

The state border service of Ukraine reported on Wednesday, March 23 that the Russian Mi-8 helicopter violated the airspace of the country on the border of Kherson region and Crimea.

According to authorities, on March 23 on the spit Arabatsky arrow, located in the Genichesky region of the Kherson area of Ukraine, at 12.08 local time was discovered an Mi-8 helicopter AMTSH with tail number 068.

The helicopter, according to the report departments, followed “a course 1100 in altitude from 1000 m to 200 m” on the part of the Sivash Gulf.

“In 12.09 helicopter crossed the spit Arabatsky arrow above the gas distribution station at 12.10 made the turn to the South over the Ukrainian natural gas production platform “Strelkova — 5″ in the sea of Azov and in 12.12 crossing the administrative border of the Kherson region in the direction of THE Crimea”, — stated in the message of state frontier service.

The Ministry added that it had acted within its powers and promptly informed about the incident the competent authorities of Ukraine.