At a closed meeting with Putin business will raise controversial issues

“Always a surprise”

The press service of the Kremlin reported that Putin will discuss with entrepreneurs the taxation and financial systems, investment climate, elimination of administrative barriers, labor market, social investment, and others.

The range of issues to discuss from the business community is still in development, told the sources close to the members of Bureau of Board RSPP. Issues on the agenda, including, are discussed at meetings held by the assistant to the President Andrei Belousov, said one of them.

According to the party Congress, a closed part of the meeting was “often highly politicized” and what will be discussed — “always a surprise”, “everything is decided in line.” The businessmen themselves will not ask questions on the geopolitics, connected with relations with Ukraine, Turkey, the EU and the USA, two invited sure. “But it is not excluded that the President will raise these issues,” says one of them.

It is planned that on the open part of the Congress presentations will be made by the head of NLMK Vladimir Lisin (presumably he will talk about reducing the aggregate fiscal burden on business), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pipe metallurgical company Dmitry Pumpyansky (certification, promotion of purchases from small and medium business, institutions of development), the head of “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov (may to report on the establishment of the national Committee on trade facilitation and entrust this Committee with the function of the project office on single window in foreign trade), said a source familiar with the preparations of the Congress.

Pumpyansky confirmed as speaker at the Congress. A source in Severstal said that the main owner of the company Alexey Mordashov will report on trade liberalization. A source close to Lisin, said that businessman until recently to perform not planned.

“Relevant questions”

Perhaps we will raise the issue of premiums, in particular, about the return of the unified social tax (UST), suggested two people. The return of the unified social tax the government has started to discuss more in preparation for the new anti-crisis plan, reports “Kommersant” in January. This week the Deputy Minister of economic development Stanislav Voskresensky said that the question of refund of the tax it considers “appropriate”. “These discussions we are now,” he confirmed.

Separately the question of increasing the tax burden on the oil industry will likely ask the President will not, said a source among the guests.

One of the interviewees expects that the meeting will be to discuss the support the construction industry. In particular, Putin can report that we need to speed up the issue with the allocation of 20 billion rubles for the construction of social and engineering infrastructure in the areas of integrated development. This item is in the anti-crisis plan of the government, approved March 1: state support needed to not slip the program “Housing for Russian family”. The plan States the amount of transfers to regions on this program, but the head of the Ministry of construction Mikhail Men noted that we are talking about the amount of 20 billion rubles.

A government source stresses that this amount is not approved, the issue is not resolved by source of funding. A source who attended the meeting with Putin, I’m sure that would raise the question about the amount and sources of funding were found in the first half of the year.

“Large privatization” — the sale of shares in major state assets, which the authorities plan to conduct in 2016, for the replenishment of the Federal budget, are unlikely to discuss, as “these discussions are underway in the government”, sources say .

At a closed meeting may be discussed about the interaction between security officers and business: on March 23, Putin held the first meeting of a specially created in the Kremlin group that deals with this issue. Two people clarify that the Kremlin “reserves” the decision whether or not to discuss questions of work of the unit in a closed or open part of the Congress.

The 2015 version

Closed meeting between Putin and big business in the Congress of the RSPP — traditional format. Business tries to understand the position of the President on “controversial” issues, said one of the traditional participants in such events. “Members of the Congress are divided into those who see Putin once a year on the event of the RSPP and those who periodically meets with the President at various events. We are in the second group, so much hope for this meeting lay,” he joked in a conversation with a source close to one of the members of Bureau RSPP.

“Holds a meeting of the RSPP overall, there will be a Congress, which will be attended by around 500 entrepreneurs. I personally have no special issues. At parties where hundreds of people, I try not to ask the President questions,” said the head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais.

Last year at a closed meeting with the RUIE Board Putin, as reported , actually put the i in the questions that were discussed at that time in the government. In particular, Putin spoke about the funded part of pensions in the government discussed whether to save it or cancel. Putin, according to sources , said that the decision to cancel the cumulative part of pension will not, but in this case freeze (which eventually took place) is still possible.

In addition, the issues of Amnesty of capital and the de-offshorisation. Then the government had chosen the mechanism of Amnesty, including deciding whether it is paid or free. The President supported free option, according to two participants in the meeting. In addition, at the meeting, Putin approved the extension of the deadline for notification about the ownership of assets in the framework of deoffshorization.

On the last closed meeting of Putin with large businesses in the Kremlin in December last year, the President spoke about geopolitics. “We discussed Ukraine and Turkey, the political complexity of the moment”, — said the participant of the meeting. The problems of individual companies in the closed part of the meeting was not discussed, and “spoke at the meeting only one person” — the President told one of the attendees.