In Moscow for the first time in 10 years, offered to build a new jail

To the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin was the direction the request to allocate land in the territory of New Moscow for the construction of a new detention center, told acting chief UFSIN across Moscow Maxim Zalesov. According to him, the letter was compiled in the Central office of the FSIN. With the same appeal to the mayor appealed and the office of the Commissioner for human rights in Moscow, confirmed the capital Ombudsman Tatiana Potyaeva.

If the municipality approves the project, it will be the first detention centre in Moscow, which appeared in the last 10 years: in 2006 he was commissioned the Investigation isolator No. 6, which contained only women. This insulator is located in the new building: it was built in 1987, initially there was a medical and labour centre. Thus, the insulator in Troitsk can be the first in 29 years, which will be located in the new building. It will also meet the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe, said the source close to law enforcement bodies.

According to Zalesova, now in jail in Moscow contains 11,8 thousand people, although the limit is 8667. The norm per person in isolation is considered to be 4 sq. m. Zalesov and Potyaeva stressed that as of the end of 2015 the remand prison were overcrowded by more than 30%. In 2014 the limit was exceeded by 23%, Potyaeva said. She said that now the employees of the FSIN are struggling with overcrowding in detention facilities and do all that prisoners had to sleep in shifts. “At night they get clamshells,” said Potyaeva.

As emphasized Zalesov in conversation with , the construction of a new detention center planned area of Troitsk. The jail will be designed for 2 thousand people. On a final estimate is too early to say, since the issue worked in the Metropolitan government, but for comparison he pointed out that the overhaul of the jail No. 7, which should be completed by 2017 and the results of which in isolation appears 402 locations, budget cost 1.1 billion roubles, Of which 8.2 million rubles were allocated for the contracts concluded through the website of public procurement, follows from the data portal, and analyzed .

In total, it is estimated that since the beginning of 2015 on the public procurement was posted not less than 57 orders to carry out repair works in the detention facilities of Moscow with a total cost of almost 515 million rubles At the beginning of March the question of the construction of a new detention center was considered in Khabarovsk. According to estimates of the local Department of the Federal penitentiary service, building on 1,5 thousand people will cost 2.9 billion rubles.

Zalesov also said that while the penal system struggles with overcrowding subordinate agencies in other ways. For example, those prisoners who are judged in Russia, were transferred from the Metropolitan detention center in Moscow that resulted in the release of 166 seats. Together with the Prosecutor’s office and the Moscow city court of the capital of the Federal penitentiary service tries to send faster than the phase in the region of convicts, in respect of which the sentences already in force. As a result, in 2015, were quickly transferred 860 people. A few insulators are now repairs: FSIN refocusing part of the premises (the former printing house and bakery) under the camera that will add at least 362.

Previously in the Federal penitentiary service has informed that has prepared the bill which obliges the court to take into account the availability in the detention facility when selecting a measure of restraint.

In 2013 the head of Department of capital construction and repair of Moscow UFSIN Sergey Gorelikov said that the Agency plans to fight prison overcrowding, Butyrsky insulator from the center of Moscow for MKAD. This project was not implemented, now in the “Butyrka” is a repair.