Poland appealed to political strategists to correct the country’s reputation

Polish authorities have approached a number of PR companies from London to remedy the reputation of the country tarnished by the decisions of the new conservative government, reports Financial Times, citing two knowledgeable source.

According to them, informal talks were held the last two months through intermediaries, one of which was the head of one of Poland’s largest financial companies.

“They know that they have no idea how this thing works,” said one of the interlocutors FT. He stressed that the new Polish authorities have no experience or knowledge in this area.

The publication noted that he understands that some PR companies have sent to Warsaw preliminary proposals. The representative of the Polish government refused to answer questions FT.

After coming to power in November ultra-conservative party “Law and justice” took control of state media and the Prosecutor’s office and complained of prejudice against Brussels, the foreign media, as well as a sort of “external influence”, explained the situation in Poland the author of the article in FT’s Henry Foy specialized in East European issues. According to him, the human rights organisation has accused the Polish authorities of violating the Constitution.

The mood in Warsaw was alarmed investors, says Foy, noting that the authorities had accused the losers in the elections liberal opposition in initiating the campaign of “vilification” with the help of foreign governments and of European institutions.

Last week Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki stated that “the opposition is in shock…and simple support from abroad”. He noted that the country needs to involve the techniques of PR to inform foreign investors about the authorities ‘ position.

FT reminds that the ruling party has already imposed new taxes on banks and retail trade, dominated by foreign capital. At the same time “Law and justice” stressed that I want to help the Polish business, not harming foreign investors.