Published an identikit of the possible participant of act of terrorism in the underground of Brussels

Published an identikit of one of participants of terrorist attack in Brussels. According to Derniere Heure, it is about a man who was captured by surveillance cameras in the subway together with Khalid al-Bakri shortly before he made the explosion at the station “Maelbeek”.

Previously broadcasting company RTBF reported that Belgian intelligence services are conducting an investigation of another alleged member of the terrorist attack in Brussels. According to her, he got to record surveillance cameras in the subway. It shows that this new suspect carries a big bag.

In the report the company noted that its identity is not established and it is unknown whether he is alive. Until recently, wanted was only one suspect, who was on the recording camera at the airport Zaventem.

At the moment we know the names of three terrorists are brothers Khalid and Brahim al-Najim Bakri and Lasref. Last, as was thought initially, was able, throwing a bomb to escape from the airport. However, genetic examination showed that he died in the explosion at the airport.

According to Derniere Heure, the main purpose of bombers were originally two nuclear power stations in Belgium. The detention of terrorists, including the primary suspect in the attacks on Paris Salah of Abdeslam, forced them to hurry and to make explosions on the transport.

Two days ago in the morning at Brussels airport, two explosions occurred. Then on the same day — the explosion took place in the Brussels metro. According to the latest data, as a result of terrorist attacks killed 31, nearly 260 were injured. The responsibility for what happened took on the organization of “Islamic state” (LIH, its activity is prohibited in Russia).