Putin’s popular front will push into the Duma fighters for fair procurement and freedom of the press

Representatives of the Russian popular front will participate in the primaries of “United Russia” (define the list of the ruling party on autumn elections in the state Duma) in all regions of Russia, told two people in the Front. According to one of them, now the application has sent about 150 “soldiers” from Central and regional headquarters.

New veterans

According to the results of the last elections in the state Duma of 82 soldier (they were on the list of United Russia and work in their faction), but most began to associate themselves more with the “United Russia” than with the social movement, reminiscent of the interlocutors . They say that now the Duma will stand for a constant asset Front, as well as representatives of the opposition parties cooperating with the popular front, such as “Fair Russia” “Patriots of Russia” and “Rodina”. Maybe with their accounting representation of the Front in the Duma can expand, says the man in the leadership of the presidential movement.

Now aware of the six representatives of the popular front who have a chance to become new MPs. They either showed up in the primaries, or will do so in the near future. According to several sources , is the former Deputy head of management of internal policy of the Kremlin, the head of the Executive Committee of the Moscow branch of the popular front Viktor Seliverstov (he already showed up in the primaries in Moscow), Deputy head of the Central Executive Committee of the onf Natalia Kostenko (will go to the polls on the list from his native Krasnodar region), member of the Central Front headquarters Olga Savostyanova (will run in Komi in single-mandate constituency), the head of the center Front on monitoring of execution of decrees of the President Nikolay Nikolaev, a former head of the onf project “For fair procurement” Anton Getta (go on, Rostov region), as well as a member of the working group “Quality of life” Svetlana Kalinina.

Guetta, and Seliverstov, has moved to the primaries. Savostyanov and Kalinin said, what do you think about the nomination and will decide later. Kostenko was unavailable for comment.

On all topics

With regard to the existing deputies from the onf representatives of the movement will cover in the new Duma key for all Front themes. Seliverstov in the Kremlin administration was in charge of the regions, and is now engaged in the problems of Moscow, whose authorities regularly criticize the popular front, in particular for the excesses in the campaign for the demolition of stalls and expand Parking. The city Duma will run already the acting Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, zastupilsya for motorists. Both can raise at the Federal level the problems of the capital.

Kostenko is a former journalist, correspondent of “Vedomosti”. She oversees the relationship of government and civil society, interaction with front of the Kremlin offices and the government, provides analytical support to the monitoring centers the popular front and heads the Center for legal support of journalists. In addition to her running for the Duma, the co-chair of the Central headquarters Olga Timofeyeva, a former journalist, responsible in particular for the intersection between society and authorities. They can continue to raise topical issues to the press, said the source in the Front.

Guetta has long been engaged in the monitoring of public procurement on the subject of extravagance. His colleague on the front says that the ghetto has lost the post of project Manager because of the difficulties in the relationship with management, but will be able to continue this trend in the lower house.

Can continue work on monitoring of the presidential decrees and Nikolaev. He said he has not yet made a final decision whether he would run, but confirmed that considering such a possibility. Kalinin announced that it plans in case of victory at the primaries and at the Duma continue to address the issue of housing.

Among other current members-veterans of the new Duma can go Mikhail Starshinov (oversees interethnic and migration issues), Alexander Vasiliev (oversees the monitoring of the condition of the highways), Valery Trapeznikov (supervises questions of social justice). It is unknown, whether you will go to the Duma, the co-chair of the Central headquarters Stanislav Govorukhin, in his recent health problems, according to two veteran.

It is assumed that the front needs to get more political points for the elections of the state Duma and to reinforce their claims to influence the government, and further to play a more significant role in the presidential campaign, says political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov.