The experts expressed doubts about the popularity of the new smartphone from Apple

In an interview with Bloomberg, a research Manager at IDC Asia Pacific, Kiranjit Kaur suggested that the new iPhone SE will not become really popular model. According to her, the new four-inch smartphone will have a place in the company’s portfolio, but will not become something special.

Bloomberg on the question, will the popularity of smartphone price of $399, available to consumers in India or China, Kaur noted that it’s not the price, because the markets of these countries people don’t buy the new iPhones at lower prices. The question is, will they really buy the device with a smaller screen than the previous models. She did not rule out that some portion of iPhone owners will agree to switch to iPhone SE.

Another view in an interview with Bloomberg stated Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder, garcía u. According to him, the company made the right move by releasing a new smartphone with powerful processor at a reduced price. According to him, thus the company is trying to attract new buyers who still preferred the phones of other manufacturers.

Forbes indicates that Apple is indeed trying to regain the location of users who liked a smaller screen and which for this reason did not purchase the latest products. “And this contingent can be much more than it seemed until now”, — the newspaper writes, pointing out that demand for the screens really waned.

TECHnalysis Research analyst Bob O’donnell spoke to Reuters a price reduction on the new iPhone, said that Apple thus trying a little to shake the market. However, he wondered whether the price at $399 low enough to encourage significant demand given the market domination of cheap Android-based smartphones.

BTIG analyst Walter Picic MarketWatch stated that, despite the release of new products, he sees no reason to increase sales. “Eight consecutive quarters we are seeing a decline in sales in this segment, and now very carefully have to approach the question, will the new iPhone change the trend,” he said.

Apple unveiled new products at the presentation in Cupertino on March 21. iPhone SE combined the design of the four-inch iPhone 5S and the technical capabilities of the latest generation iPhones — 6S and 6S Plus. The device is equipped with high-quality 12-megapixel camera and a powerful processor A9.

New iPhone in Russia will cost 37 990 rubles in the modification of 16 GB of memory and 47 990 rubles, with 64 GB of memory. As specified in the press release Apple, Russia got into the second wave of countries that will begin selling the SE. This will happen in early April 2016. Pre-order the iPhone SE can be issued by March 29.