The media learned about plans of terrorists to commit attacks on Belgian NPP

The main goal of the suicide bombers who committed terrorist attacks in Brussels, two Belgian nuclear power plants, however, the detention of terrorists, including the primary suspect in the attacks on Paris Salah of Abdeslam, forced them to hurry up and make explosions at the airport and the subway, writes Derniere Heure.

According to the newspaper, the attacks in Brussels, which were identified as brothers Brahim, and Khalid al-Barrawi, set up a hidden camera in front of the house Manager of the Belgian nuclear program. They made the video, the police found during the antiterrorist operation in December 2015 in the apartment of one of the suspects in the Paris terrorist attacks.

After that the country’s nuclear power to enhance the security were deployed soldiers.

“They probably abandoned the idea of terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants, because they feel under pressure. If we are unable to prevent these attacks and if terrorists were able to realize their plan, the consequences could be much more. However, they [the terrorists] had to make a choice in favor of a more light goals,” said Derniere Heure police source.

On the day of the attacks, March 22, Reuters with reference to the TV channel VTM reported that in the Belgian province of li├Ęge evacuated employees of the nuclear power plant Tihange. This NPP is located about 90 km from the capital of Belgium.

On the eve of the Belgium Prosecutor Frederic van Leo reported that a suicide bomber Brahim al-Basrawi left a recording on his computer that was found in a dumpster on the street during a RAID in the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek. In the recording, according to the Prosecutor, al-Basrawi complained that he feels all the more insecure and afraid of landing in jail.

On the morning of 22 March at the airport of the Belgian capital, two explosions occurred. Later another explosion occurred in the Brussels metro. The Minister of health of Belgium Maggie de Block stated that as a result of terrorist acts “about 31” people died and “almost 260”. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (its activity is prohibited in Russia).