The speaker compared the state of the economy with the “book of one famous author”

The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, speaking at the Russian business Week on Thursday, stated that the dynamics of the Russian economy can now be estimated as a state of “near zero”, reports “Interfax”.

“The ninth month the recession ended. And the state of the Russian economy, it’s better to rate a book title of a well-known author — “Okolonolya,” he said.

“For individual months with the smoothed seasonality one tenth of one percent plus individual — one-tenth of a minus,” he said, summarizing that as a result of this averages out to approximately zero.

The head of the MAYOR also noted that the markets, including commodities, “gradually found a balance.” “If you go back to commodities, it seems to us that this year the balance point will be about $40 per barrel”, — said Ulyukayev. According to him, most likely, the price of oil to $40 a barrel will be taken into account during the adjustment of the macroeconomic forecast and adjust budget targets.

Ulyukayev, in January called “equal” chances of strengthening and weakening of the ruble, said it now sees a trend, rather a strengthening of the Russian currency, than to weaken.

Roman “Okolonolya” was first published in a special issue of the journal “Russian pioneer” in 2009. The author of the novel was listed Nathan Dubovitskii. “Russian pioneer” noted that this is an alias that uses one of the columnists of the magazine. The authorship of the novel media is attributed to Vladislav Surkov, who then served as first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration (now the aide to the Russian President). In 2013, Surkov, dismissed the Deputy Prime Minister and government chief of staff, said that working on a literary work. “Ripen the plot of a political Comedy based on real events,” he told reporters.