The Syrian army entered in Palmyra

The Syrian army managed to enter the “heart” of Palmyra, reports Reuters citing state television.

It clarifies Associated Press, which also refers to the state TV, government troops entered the historic Palmyra. We are talking about the ruins, which are considered one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world and listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. In may of last year historic Palmyra was captured by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) blew up some monuments.

The correspondent of the state TV channel said that on Thursday around noon, fighting broke out near archaeological sites. Later in the broadcast were also referred to footage of soldiers and military equipment were shown outside the building in Palmyra, which resembles a hotel for tourists.

The preparations of the historic town, which may have been under the control of terrorists, went on for several days, reminds Associated Press.

In conversation with Agency of the provincial Governor of HOMS Talal barazi said it expects “devastating victory in Palmira” within 48 hours. As noted by the London-based Syrian Observatory for monitoring the observance of human rights, the army of Syria are facing “stiff resistance extremists” when you try to get into the city in the Eastern and southern parts.

On the eve of the Russian and Iranian news agencies reported on preparations for a decisive attack Palmyra. Sputnik Agency reported this with reference to Brigadier General of the Syrian army, not calling him by the name that the military has already taken control of the ancient city. Later, Syrian sources said that it was only about the so-called fire control.

The Russian TASS news Agency, citing an informed source in Damascus reported that the Syrian military are making every effort “to avoid damage to ancient monuments.”

“I can confirm that the Syrian troops entered the historic Palmyra”, — said the Agency interlocutor.