Uber sued in service with an investment of Usmanov and Milner

Uber Technologies has filed a lawsuit against its competitor Ola Cabs: the American company has accused the Indian competitor in the damage to business reputation, reports Bloomberg. The lawsuit was filed in the superior court of the district of Delhi in the database of registered 22 March. The hearing is scheduled for September 14.

Representatives of Uber assured: the staff of the Ola has created more than 90 thousand of fake accounts on the Uber system, not tied to real callers used telephone numbers. Further, through these accounts were made and then cancelled approximately 400 thousand orders, they insist in Uber. In addition to mass cancellations of American service was faced with messages from Ola with untrue news about the company, said the appeal to the court. Ola actions aimed at undermining the reputation and trust on the part of drivers of Uber, believes the plaintiff.

It clarifies the newspaper The Economic Times, Uber estimates its damages at 500 million Indian rupees (approximately $7.5 million) and asks the court to prohibit the activities of Ola. According to the plaintiff, to work with Uber declined about 20 thousand drivers, misled by the Indian company. Additional questions about claim the representative from Uber did not comment.

Ola accusations in his address rejected: company representative called the lawsuit Uber “rhetoric and distortion of facts,” points out Bloomberg. In addition, the company expects that a new trial is a response to a lawsuit Uber, Ola submitted to the U.S. rival in October 2015 in the same court. Then Ola has accused Uber to bypass the ban on the use of diesel vehicles in Delhi, the trial continues.

In 2014, the company Uber has faced allegations of creating fake user accounts from the us competitor, Lyft. Representatives of Uber guilty then denied. Before the court proceedings have not reached.

Uber and Ola are tough competition for customers in the Indian market. Assessment of portal Quartz, in December 2015 of the American service in the country was slightly more than 6 million active users per week, Ola — 10 million Representatives of Uber and Ola sounded a bit different figures: 1 million and 3 million active users per day and 250 thousand and 325 thousand registered in the systems of drivers, respectively.

As of may 2015 Ola took 80% of the Indian market, Uber is just 4%, was estimated by experts of the Corporation Softbank (one of the investors Ola). However, in December 2015, representatives of Uber estimated its share in the Indian market already in 40%. The head of the Indian unit of Uber Amit Jain in late July 2015 said that in the next three quarters will be invested in Indian market $1 billion

Uber is considered the most expensive in the world of startups in the latest round of funding in late 2015 investors valued the company at $62,5 billion a month earlier Ola raised $500 million investment in the evaluation of over $5 billion in addition, the Indian company has agreed to Alliance with the other major regional competitors Uber — Didi and Kuaidi, the Chinese Malaysian GrabTaxi.

If Uber and Ola have common investors from Russia — the owner of the USM holding Alisher Usmanov and his partners. According to the representative of the businessman, to invest in the services of the taxi and a number of other online projects Usmanov and his partners founded the Fund in the amount of $1 billion More than $200 million invested in Ola and one of the most successful Russian investor Yuri Milner.