Usmanov called Putin’s main ally business development

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is a key ally of business development in Russia, said the billionaire Alisher Usmanov in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” on Thursday, after the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP). Putin first took part in the Congress, and then held a private meeting with members of Bureau of Board RSPP.

“It [the meeting between Putin and the Union] was in two forms: first, the President welcomed and had enough constructive communication, and then was a closed session, and, according to her, President Putin has confirmed his role as the chief ally of business development in our country”, — said Usmanov (quoted by RNS).

“Around the external conditions created by foreign partners, and the situation on the world markets, all this made it difficult to maneuver for power in the conversation between business and the state, but now everything is back in track, and accelerator of this process is Putin”, — said the businessman.

The Congress of entrepreneurs was held on Thursday. During the open part of the Congress of the RSPP Putin, in particular, stated that the Russian business has become “more responsible and Mature”.

“Russian business has become more responsible and Mature, a growing number of domestic companies that operate on a transparent and civilized rules, fulfill your obligations to government, to society, and most importantly a commitment — regularly pay taxes,” he said. According to the head of state, entrepreneurs and tax administration “as a whole were able to build normal business interactions based on trust and cooperation.”

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Behind closed doors, Putin discussed with businessmen not business, and geopolitical issues, reports “Interfax”. “At a closed meeting with the RUIE Board President spoke about the current geopolitical situation”, — said the head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin.

“Primarily, the geopolitical situation was discussed”, — quotes Agency the head of VTB Andrey Kostin. “We told the geopolitical views of the Russian state. Economic issues were not discussed,” confirmed co-owner of “Transmashholding” Andrey Bokarev.

According to Shokhin, the initiators of geopolitics have become businessmen themselves. “The President, at our request, give their evaluations and the current situation, and possible changes in this geopolitical situation. For us it is very important to see where we’re going, how fast we move,” — said Shokhin. He said that the issue of Western sanctions at the meeting with Putin did not sound.