Yevkurov decided to liquidate the main Muslim community Ingushetia

The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov initiated the process of liquidation of the main Islamic community of the Republic is the Spiritual center of Muslims (the Muftiate, DCM), under the leadership of mufti ISA Khamkhoev.

As stated in the official appeal to the people Yevkurov of Ingushetia, he granted the request of members of the Board Alimov DCM, Deputy mufti, imams (clerics in major mosques), representatives of all religious denominations and of the Council of teips and elders who approached him with a request to postpone the dates of the Congress of Muslims of Ingushetia.

Congress of Ingush Moslems was scheduled for March 29, 2016, was supposed to decide on the reappointment of the incumbent mufti of the Republic ISA Hamhoev or the appointment of a new mufti. The election of a new mufti could lead to confrontation between supporters and Hamhoev the newly elected mufti, “as Hamhoev, regardless of the situation, even seeing that there is a real danger of a split society into two warring parties, is not going to resign,” said Yevkurov.

According to him, in the appeal of the religious leaders and elders also asked the head of the Republic to eliminate the Spiritual center of Muslims as a social organization that failed in its duty “to the people of the Republic”.

Republican supervisors, says Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, has already launched the procedure of liquidation of the muftiat.

After the formal dissolution of the muftiat, the Council of ulama should decide on the timing of the Congress of Muslims of the Republic and to elect a new mufti.

The conflict between Evkurova Hamhoev and lasts for several months. Yevkurov for the first time publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the Spiritual center of Muslims of Ingushetia at the end of December 2015: the head of the Republic has proposed to hold elections for a new mufti.

According to Yevkurov, Hamhoev have to leave due to the ambiguous role of the Islamic high Council in a mass brawl that occurred in the summer of 2015 in Nasir-kortsky the mosque of Nazran: then the mufti with his supporters tried to remove the Imam of this mosque Khamzat Chumakov. This mosque, which called Salafi Islamic scholars outside the control of the muftiat (DCM under the control of the representatives of the Sufi communities of the Republic) .

11 March 2016 at the mosque explosion, the car VAZ-2107 has been undermined during Friday prayers. Ingush law enforcement officials suggested that the blast could be an attempt on the Imam Chumakov, who received bruises and abrasions.

“According to one version of what is happening in the Republic, mufti of Hamhoev tried to take control of the mosque Chumakov in consultation with the government of the Republic. The officials allegedly didn’t like the form that the mufti chose to subordination of the mosque, and after that, the relationship with the mufti Evkurova greatly deteriorated,” said the chief editor of the portal “Kavpolit” Beslan Uspanov.

According to Uspanov, Hamhoev to resign as the mufti refused, so the conflict between him and Evkurova at the end of 2015 resulted in a public plane. The decision to eliminate the Muftiate is the culmination of this conflict, says Uspanov.

Elimination of the main religious organizations of Ingushetia — an unprecedented step Yevkurov, still not a single Ingush leader hesitated, said Uspanov. “I don’t recall any such decision is implemented by not just in, but also in the region,” notes Uspanov.

An expert on Islam Maksim Shevchenko said that the conflict between Evkurova and Hamhoev is “competition for leadership within a single tape”, which many mistakenly or intentionally want to associate with the theme of the fight against Wahhabism.