In Syria killed a Russian spetsnaz officer

A Russian officer, who is not named, died in the district of Palmyra in Syria. According to the representative of the Russian sites Hamim, officer was killed, once in the environment, causing the fire itself.

“In the area of the settlement Tadmor (Palmyra) in carrying out special tasks to restore Russian aircraft strikes on targets Islamic state terrorists (banned in Russia) killed the officer of the Russian special operations forces,” — said the representative of the Russian journalists (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to the representative of the Russian launch facility, the victim officer had carried out a fighting task in the region of Palmyra during the week. He identified objects by ISIL, “giving the exact coordinates for strikes by Russian aircraft”.

“The soldier died a hero by calling the fire itself after it has been discovered by the terrorists and is surrounded”, — said the Russian representative (quoted by “Interfax”).

Earlier today the defense Ministry reported that the Russian VKS from 20 to 23 March dealt 146 strikes on military targets of terrorists near the city of Palmyra in HOMS province. Also on Thursday, the Agency Reuters with reference to the state Syrian television reported that the Syrian army entered in the historical part of the city, which was under the control of is militants since last may.

The day before in interview “to the Russian newspaper” the first Deputy commander of the Central military district Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov admitted that he is in command of the military grouping of the Russian armies in Syria and confirmed the participation of ground units in operation. “I will not hide that on Syrian territory there are divisions and our special operations forces,” said Dvornikov. According to Manilov, the Russian military personnel carried out additional exploration of objects for strikes of Russian aviation, was involved in bringing aircraft on targets in remote areas, and decided the “other special tasks”. The commander also noted that Russian military advisers continue to work in Syria “at all levels, including the tactical.”

Earlier, the Kremlin officially recognized the deaths of five Russian soldiers killed during operations in Syria. The first reported death of a Russian military appeared a month after starting the company. They became the 19-year-old soldier Vadim Kostenko. The cause of his death was called a suicide. On 24 November, after Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 on the Syrian-Turkish border, killed a bomber pilot Oleg Peshkov. Navigator of the su-24 Konstantin Muratina were rescued, but during the rescue operations killed marine Alexander Pozynich. On 3 February the Russian defense Ministry announced the death in Syria of Russian military adviser, came under mortar attack. The name of the deceased, the defense Ministry did not name, however, the media wrote that in Syria killed a Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Cheremisin.

March 17, rewarding in the Kremlin Russian soldiers who participated in operations in Syria, President Vladimir Putin said: “Here, in this room, Elena Peshkova Valentina Mikhailovna Cheremisina, Irina Pozynich and Julia I. Zhuravleva, widows of our comrades fallen in the fight with terrorists. Understand that for the family, relatives, friends, comrades Oleg, Ivan, Alexander, Theodore, their departure is a grievous loss”. Later the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Reuters that the death of Feodor Zhuravlev was recognized during a ceremony in the Kremlin, where his widow was presented with a government award.

In December of last year edition of the Wall Street Journal reported on a Russian private military company, whose mercenaries are fighting in Syria. According to the publication, in October 2015 in Western Syria, nine people died from the so-called group of Wagner. The Ministry of defence this information is called “throw”.

Earlier this week wrote about one Russian serviceman, an ex-colleague who claimed that he was killed in Syria. The veteran of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Serhiy Chupov was buried in Balashikha in February of this year. managed to track down his former colleague, who knew Chupov in the first Chechen campaign. He said that a few weeks ago called him a “Colonel Alexei Kosmachev” and invited to the funeral Chupov (they took place on February 18), saying that, according to him, was killed in Syria during a mortar attack. According to him, the Structure was part of the Russian military group in Syria.

Chupov’s widow Svetlana has confirmed the death of a spouse. But, answering specifying question, is it true that he died in Syria, said that “wrong information about the place where he died”. She refused to discuss the details of the death of her husband and recommended to send a request to the archive of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the Main military Prosecutor’s office and the Main military investigatory management SKR on not answered the query about whether the death of Chupov and whether they have been tested in this regard. In the defense and interior ministries did not reply to requests . “We do not know”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.